Fun garden beds, how-to

Life's Casual Observer: Fun Garden Beds

How to Build Your Own Terrarium: A Black Thumb Guide to Life in a Bottle -

How to Build Your Own Terrarium

Make Your Own Moss Garden - Little Green Dot

22 Hard-to-Kill House Plants

22 Hard To Kill Houseplants

How to clean and restore dishwasher dead vintage Pyrex

Dans le Lakehouse : How to Clean Black Marks + Baked on Grease from Vintage Pyrex, Plus Tips for Bringing Back Shine to Dishwasher Dead Vintage Pyrex

Love terrariums but don't have the light? Here are our top 10 plants for low light terrariums!

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DIY Build Your Own Terrarium DIY Terrarium Garden--I got two awesome bowls that I'm turning into terrariums!!!


5 Inspiring (& Easy!) DIY Indoor Gardens #refinery29 Step 5: Start adding your plants and live moss.

5 Inspiring (& Easy!) DIY Indoor Gardens


girl we love: kali vermes

Harvesting Lettuce:: Most lettuce will continue to produce greens, so if you want MORE LETTUCE, then it is best to use a knife or sharp shears. Go to the base of the lettuce plant and cut it off about 1 inch above the soil – this way you have a head of lettuce to use in the kitchen and the plant remains in the ground to grow a second head. The second head will typically be much smaller than the first, however it delivers a little quicker than starting from seed all over again.

To Pluck or to Cut? How to Pick Lettuce |

DIY : 5 inspiring and easy indoor gardens-considering this is as close to gardening as I'll get!

5 Inspiring (& Easy!) DIY Indoor Gardens

Oooh...inside gardening. Love this idea! 25 Wonderful Mini Indoor Gardening Ideas

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Special projects editor Megan Pflug shows us how to turn any terracotta pot into a...

Create a Chic Vertical Garden

"THIS IS THE BEST TOMATO INSTRUCTION PAGE I'VE FOUND. I had no idea this was the way to plant starter plants... I'm doing this next time I plant tomato plants!

Love Apple Farms: Tomatoes

I have to try some of these! Seaberry, goumi berry, honeyberry, miracle fruit and pink blueberry! This is a great list of unusual fruit to grow. #spon #gardening

Unusual Fruit You Need to Grow in Your Garden...

The Best Soil for Container Gardening

The Best Soil for Container Gardening - Simply Frugal

Organic food is expensive. That is a fact. But this fact shouldn’t stop us trying hard not to ingest pesticides. This is why growing your own food is the best way to control the quality of what you eat. You have probably tried to grow something from seed and know how difficult and time consuming it can be. Fortunately, there is another way which is not only cheap but also simple and easy. We are talking about regrowing food from kitchen scraps. It sounds to good to be true, but you can easil...

Top 10 Foods You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

How to remove every stain in the world:

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( - ) Creeping Jenny comes back every year and keeps out the weeds.Great contrast color to plants and flowers.

What to Plant in the Shade

Make your ring sparkle easily (and cheaply!) with this DIY ring cleaner. Only takes 5 minutes and uses ingredients you have in your house! SPARKLE!

DIY Wedding Ring Cleaner

Plant a Mosquito Control container so you can sit and unwind in the evenings without dousing in DEET

Plant a Mosquito Control container so you can sit and unwind in the evenings without dousing in DEET - ruggedthug

Want a larger harvest of blueberries? Learn how to prune blueberry plants for a larger harvest. Great step by step tutorial, plus love her tips for what to add to the soil. If you want to put in blueberries or already have them, you need to read this tutorial now.

How to Prune Blueberries for a Larger Harvest

purple pavement succulents

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How To Grow Your Own Blueberries

How To Grow Your Own Blueberries

Choose plants that will grow under artificial light, mature quickly, and stay compact enough to grow in containers without outgrowing their space. Most leafy greens, herbs, and a few root vegetables will grow very well inside under lights.

How to Grow an Indoor Garden