sea of carpets

Porch Decorating: layered rugs on a porch that never gets any rain. Add windows to keep rugs from getting ruined :: Domino Magazine

Design Décor Your Terrace with A Scandinavian Touch : Woodworking Accent Design For Calm Modern Furniture Exterior Terrace Design With Black Nook And Wooden Steel Design Dining Table And Long Bench

Kitchen Open wooden Shelving - floating shelves

How To Raise Your Cabinets Add A Shelf Domestic Imperfection. Open Shelves In Kitchen Open Kitchen Shelving. Shelf Pull Out Pantry With Maple Shelves For Tall Kitchen Cabinet. 15 Kitchen Pantry Ideas With Form And

bambi stool by james plumb.

bambi stool by james plumb. adorable but somehow a little creepy, cause you know its suppose to be bambi but bambi doesn't have a head and your sitting on him. Its like you killed Bambi!

I adore the pink chairs. *sigh* If only ..

an outdoor dining table set with pink chairs and orange accents by Eddie Ross + Jaithan Kochar via Lonny Magazine