Flower Essences

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Flower essences in my collection available for me to use with clients.

Green Heart Guidance, LLC
Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory - FlorAlive

To help increase focus, order, and balance in life. To promote financial freedom. To help clear deep environmental contamination from the body. To help turn confidence into certainty.

End 2 Panic

End 2 Panic - FlorAlive

To help stop unfounded panic, nervousness, and hyper-vigilance. To help produce greater mind/spirit coherence. To affirm the belief, “I belong”.

Rose Belle Story I am for the assimilation of spiritual experience. I am the essence that one takes to synthesize these experiences into deep-rooted change.

Rose Belle Story

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose Red Climber  Rosa  (Red)  Passionate Kisses.  This flower essence works on releasing powerful pheromones in our brain as kissing does.  Kissing is not only fun, sensuous but healthy for us.  The pheromones keep us emotionally and socially connected as humans.  The more you kiss, the better you feel!

Rose Red Climber

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose – “Madame Legras de St. Germain” Rosa "Madame Legras de St..Germain" (white, faintly blushed) Mental clearing essence. Empties the cluttered mind - brings clarity and space for fresh energy to enter. When unclouded by influencing perceptions and thoughts, one can come to a higher level of perception that greets new ideas without judgment or censoring.

Rose Madame Legras de St. Germain

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose – “English Elegance” Rose "English Elegance" (peach and pink) Invites soft gentle love into relationships. This essences "folds" you into it's arms revealing sweet calm loving. No drama here. Returns one to the simply magnificent power of soft love, quiet moments, intuitive knowing what nutures each other. Great for couples caught in adrenal dramas or needing drama to make them feel loved. This is where true love lives and is the most powerful and power filled.

Rose English Elegance

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose – “Cerise Bouquet” Rosa "Cerise Bouquet" (cerise ) Deepening of love energy. Being fully open to the fullness of true love with all it's ups and downs. Good for those who feel they are too heavy hearted to be in a committed relationship. Brings full heartedness to those who feel heavy hearted. Swings the heart energy back in balance and makes them fall in love with being in love and being loved.

Rose Cerise Bouquet

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose “Konigin Von Danemark” Rosa "Konigin Von Danemark" (light pink) This essences wraps you in its arms filled with reassurance and love. For those who lack physical affection, do not give physical affection or are uncomfortable with physical affection. Envelops you with warmth. Liken to a warm soft blanket. All Is Well.

Rose Konigin Von Danemark

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose –" Gertrude Jekyll "Rosa "Gertrude Jekyll" (pink) Integrating ways to expansion. Finding new ways to open pathways to receive new information. Helps translate information on the cellular level. Teaches one to learn new ways to understand, communicate and vibrate with understanding. Great for family and friends of those with LD and other similar issues.

Rose Gertrude Jekyll

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose – “Fruhlingsmorgen” ("Spring Morning") Rosa "Fruhlingsmorgen" (pink) Great expectations for the day. I look forward to all that life will bring me today. Great for those with low expectations for themselves, life and others. Lack luster personalities - those who are downers. Helps bring buoyancy into their energy and more responsive to positive people and for those who believe misery loves company. It really doesn't. It needs this Flower Essence!

Rose Fruhlingsmorgen "Spring Morning"

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose – “Bonica” Rosa "Bonica" (pink) Connecting with higher chakra - this is where the antenna can receive the information and connection they feel that they have been so lacking in their lives. Here they find their soul centered language.

Rose Bonica

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose - Pink Heirloom Rosa heirloom (pink) Ancestral love and appreciation for who we are right down to the genetic code in our DNA. Reflective of the disfunctional patterns in our family tree we stir up opposing energies within ourselves. When we can appreciate exactly who we are, right at this very moment, then we have the ability to free our children and all future generations with pride, appreciation and expectation of more wonder.

Rose Pink Heirloom

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Rose - Yellow Heirloom Rosa heirloom (yellow) Great for negotiating and conflict resolution. Brings the heads and hearts together to create common understanding and resolve. Useful in situations that need positive resolution to bring about Win Win opportunities. "I am for having the confidence of knowing that you are at home in the Universe."

Rose Yellow Heirloom

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain

Black Hollyhock Alcea rosea nigra (black)   Content and safety within or in union with "the void". Also for introspection and rest. To treat exhaustion. Mourning the death of oneself, the death of old identities, ours or facades we mistaken as identities.

Black Hollyhock

Flower Essences of Fox Mountain