At some point you will stare at the gangling long legged thing on your sofa and shudder at the thought you use to kiss those once little toes. That little

Confessions of a Single Mum

5 Tips in Dealing with Teenage Attitude |Confessions of a Single Mum

Dropping these 5 words and phrases is going to make your writing a whole lot stronger.

Matador Network

Infographic: These 5 words are making you a weaker writer

Conversation Starters for kids

Women Living Well
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A great resource for teaching kids the difference between telling or tattling. Love it!

Three Kids and a Fish

three kids and a fish: Telling vs Tattling

Our Blog: Birthday Interview. I'm going to start doing this- this year!!

Crazy Life of Us: Birthday Interview.

Here Are 33 Cheap But Brilliant Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Busy. Read more at

33 Activities For Kids That Cost Under $10

These 10 Truth Bombs for Middle Schoolers Will Be Total Lifesavers for Your Kiddo - For Every Mom

For Every Mom

These 10 Truth Bombs for Middle Schoolers Will Be Total Lifesavers for Your Kiddo - For Every Mom

20 Things A Mother Should Tell Her Son

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Elizabeth Johnsen

This is AWESOME! Take a picture of your kiddo every year in this shirt with their graduation year on the front, AND get their handprint on the back! Such a fun way to document their growth! Yearly Back-to-School Shirt with Handprints for Every Grade! | Where The Smiles Have Been

Where The Smiles Have Been

Yearly Back-to-School Shirt with Handprints for Every Grade

Mind Jar -- meditation tool for all ages: "when stressed, overwhelmed, or upset, imagine the glitter as your thoughts/emotions. when you shake the jar, imagine your head full of whirling thoughts/emotions. then watch as they slowly settle together, and you calm down."

Mind Jar


All of us...?

New Year's Eve Time capsule

Uncommon Designs

New year's Eve Time Capsule Printable

Love this for helping the kids to look back on their year and make goals for the year ahead - the "I want to try" and "I want to stop" are our favorite categories.

Modern Parents Messy Kids
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Hey Andrew, This popped out at me as a great way to help you get organized and motivated about going to school again or getting a job or anything really! The way it works is there are post it notes (obviously) that go over the boxes on the chart. The post its have things you want to get done on them and the boxes under them have rewards you earn for completing these goals! The chart can be for a day, a week or however long you want to set goals for.

Floralshowers | Rotating Post-it Note Goal Chart | FloralShowers

Goals Countdown Printable Freebie. Great for new years or anytime you want to set some new goals. I want to use it this summer with the kids.

While He Was Napping
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Boys Ant-Man Muscle Costume - Marvel Ant-Man - Party City

Boys Ant-Man Muscle Costume - Marvel Ant-Man- Party City

put your art on rocks and use it as a paperweight or gift idea.

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Pebble Drawing | MAKE: Craft

100 Wise Words For Everyone. Number 27 Is Gold.

Night Questions

Eyes On Heaven

3 Questions to Ask Your Child Every Night - Eyes On Heaven

12 Things to tell our daughters before 13!

The 36th AVENUE

The 36th AVENUE | 12 Things to Tell Our Daughters Before 13

20 ways to fill your childs love tank on their birthday. This is really great stuff. The last one made me cry :)

The House of Hendrix
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For a child.

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When he sings "may you grow to be proud" I always tear up, not sure why.

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... | poetry poems inspirational words love inspirational poetry

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Teaching Your Child to pray blogographic

Eyes On Heaven

Teaching Your Child How to Pray - Eyes On Heaven