The placement of the tattoo, top shoulder would be left should to follow my winter/fall arm sleeve and transition into spring summer.

Cherry blossom tattoos are very beautiful in look and getting more popularity also. Here is a list of some of the best cherry blossom tattoo Designs for your viewing pleasure.

I would love a clock like this with the quote " The problem is, we think we have time."

I love the clock / pocket-watch idea. Perhaps the time of birth and birthday of my little guy.


Best guardian angel tattoos and drawings for men and guys with wings, sleeves baby and in memory off. Inspirational small angel tattoos for chest and arm.

Fall Fingerprint Tree

Image Detail for - Fall Fingerprint Tree Craft - Handprint Tree Craft for Kids - Kaboose .

Colorful phoenix tattoo

"A colourful rainbow phoenix tattoo. The combination of colours symbolizes balance" phoenix tattoo on the back

the phoenix

Want this in red ink on my ribs. The phoenix, actually spelled "phenix" in middle english, is a greek mythological creature that represents rebirth. it is reborn from its ashes when it dies. it is a symbol adopted by early christianity (resurrection).

Large black and grey phoenix , with peacock style feathers.......very cool

A beautiful phoenix tattoo- head/ talons and maybe feathers but i don't think the realistic feathers will match my other tattoos

Phoenix tattoo

On this post you can see Fresh Japanese Phoenix Rising Tattoo On Back - Tattoos Ideas in an interesting style. Look at the photos and sketches of the Fresh Japanese Phoenix Rising Tattoo On Back.