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Jim Richardson
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No rules exist to threat your from an act of texting your ex.

Roughly 60 percent of college students admit that they could be addicted to using their cell phones, researchers from Baylor University claim in a new study published online Tuesday in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions.

If your ex give happiness

If a new patent is any indication, Apple customers could soon be able to plug their iPhones directly into a solar panel for power. Patent and Trademark Office published the patent by Apple…

Leaving your ex was a pain. Texting your ex is ecstatic.

There's little more annoying then losing your phone signal at a crucial time. Thankfully this innovative new mobile phone network ends signal black spots once and for all.

You will not miss your ex lover when you text him everyday.

A text to an ex can reveal your true love.

If you win a new phone

Deciding when to send or not to send an after hours email can have a major impact on morale, a study finds.