snowman handprint ornament

snowman hand print ornament - combination of handprint snowman round ornament and santa handprint salt dough ornament!

awwwww Lil baby

My dog loves coffee too! I found out the hard way that even a tiny bit or coffee is bad for a chiweenie though. Now she gets milk, a tiny bit of sugar, and just enough decaf to give it a coffee taste. She drinks her coffee beside me every weekend.

.wow really  How long do these last

Choose blue Tiffany nail polish and then add the self-adhesive stones! How can anything Tiffany & Co be bad?


at London Elephant Parade 2010 (I have 3 Elephants from the 'Elephants on Parade' Collection

Fragmented, Crafty Dogma

Fragmented, Crafty Dogma - this would be great as a mixed media project with advanced drawing students - divide the face or subject into three parts - find a unifying background idea/pattern