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Eliza Bishop
Eliza Bishop
Eliza Bishop

Eliza Bishop

don't want to have a deer on my body, but i like the combination of sketchy lines and clean geometry.

I think getting a great shot like this would be far more rewarding than getting a great shot with a rifle. #JustSaying. -Felix

  • Bob Dragoo

    Felix: I agree...why kill such a beautiful animal?

  • Wade Mosier

    Love the pic...would rather shoot , eat and mount it on a wall...!

  • Wade Mosier

    It'd last longer that way.... who knows I might delete pic by accident and never have it again. that'd be sad

  • Krystal DeCoteau

    Can't eat a picture ;)

  • Wade Mosier

    Glad someone has an open perspective on food.. ; ) ... thx

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burning-soul: Deer. by LisaDiazPhotos on Flickr.

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Carrie Bradshaw knows what's up...

IT HAS BEEN DECIDED. TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATER. I AM A LOUIS GIRL. I guess I always knew all along. Louis Tomlinson, I love you.

Louis Tomlinson. Shirtless. ❤❤

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