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Awana T&T Flash Cards - awesome for those visual learners

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Does your club use Awana Bucks? Here are some great ideas about these incentives - love the Grand Prix opportunity for kids. Thanks, Commander Bill! Love your blog.

Does Using Shares/Bucks in Kidmin Teach a False Doctrine?

Tell me the stories of Jesus..... - Christmas scripture story advent

Tell me the stories of Jesus.....

Powerful, fast, easy Bible object lesson for T&T large group time - Living Out Loud for Jesus - Galatians 2:20

Bible Object Lesson Using a Sharpie

Helpful craft for T&Ters working in the red book. They need to design a creation poster - if kids with special needs or other situations need help, take a look at this craft.

In The Beginning Bookmark

Fabulous book for kids with fun ideas about memorizing! Perfect for Awana or any other memory work.

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Nifty bookcase printable of the Books of the Bible. Print the spines of the books, add magnets, let the kids sort the books. Great for magnetized white boards. Thanks, Beth!

Books of the Bible Bookcase Activity

Do your older T&Ters have trouble finding more friends for Bring a Friend? Here's a great idea for an alternative: Awana Bring a Friend Testimony Thanks, Commander Bill!

Awana Bring a Friend Testimony

Hand motions to memorizing the books of the Bible - thanks Carey Jane! These are great.

Memorize the Books of the Bible

Future.Flying.Saucers.from Future.Flying.Saucers.

How to Counsel a Child for Salvation

How to Counsel a Child for Salvation - based on CEF resources. Thanks, Future Flying Saucers.

How to Counsel a Child for Salvation

Children's Ministryfrom Children's Ministry

Children's Message: From the Heart

Romans 8:38-39 - Nothing can separate us from God's love. What a powerful Valentine message for our vulnerable preteens. This activity is a fun, fast object lesson about God's love. Love it! For our T&T group, I will also print out the Bible verse somehow for the kids.

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Great video with lots of cute mnemonics to memorize the Books of the Old Testament! It goes just the right speed for kids to understand and learn. My fave: I Just Love Every Day = Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel. Super help for all kids!

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1 Cor 10:13 Avoiding Temptation - This activity would be great for T&Ters! I love the analogy in the paper plate game - ways we can strengthen our daily walk with Christ while we avoid temptation.

Shauna and Co.: Seminary-Avoiding Temptation

Books of the Bible Spinner game - This is a fun game we have used for years in Bible Drill. I think we found the original idea in Lifeway's kids Sunday School Material. Create a spinner (or purchase a blank one from a school supply store) with four sections. Label section 1 - Pronounce it, section 2 - Say the book before, section 3 - say the book after, section 4 - Find the book. Add cards with the names of the books of the Bible. Great review!

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Handbook time at Christmas time might need a time filler. Great for Sparks, especially.

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The Absolute Truth

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Look at all these new Ultimate Adventure Jersey emblems!

TT Discovery Emblems | Awana

How the Bible Gets In the Way of the Gospel - in this post on Kidz Blitz, Roger reminds us to keep it real and relational. So important to remember in Awana.

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Does your Awana club have High Schoolers in leadership roles? It's a powerful way to motivate clubbers and equip the younger generation. Read why at Tru Thanks, Collie!

Why You Need High School Students To Be Leaders | Tru Ministry

Wondering about the new T&T Extra Credit patches? Commander Bill has the latest news from

T&T Awards Change for 2014-15

Kids will laugh during this skit about saying "Sorry". What does it looks like when you say "Sorry" but don't change your behavior? How often do we do this with God? It's written in the style of a nerd skit. Thanks, Mimi, for your skit!

“Being Sorry” Bible Object Lesson & Teaching Skit

Love these cool designs for the new Ultimate Adventure badges! Kids will have to plan ahead to make these, but it's worth the work.

T&T Discovery Emblems - Awana

One way to display the new Ultimate Adventure badges on the sleeve of the new green jerseys.

T&T Discovery Emblems - Awana

Have you seen the new Ultimate Adventure jerseys? Now the kids earn badges and can decorate their sleeves in cool patterns.

T&T Discovery Emblems - Awana

Another great Awana calendar. Fun theme night ideas and easy-to-read page design. Thanks, First Baptist Oviedo!

First Baptist Oviedo :: Theme Nights