My Dream Spa Retreat

My Dream Spa Retreat has a combination of romance, adventure, luxury, and fun! Exotic spa treatments I've tried & loved, wild ones I've always Wanted to try, stuff hubs will enjoy, things my BFFs will get a kick out of, gorgeous scenery, fabulous lodging, some fun adventure-exercise (ziplining, ATVing, fishing, golf...), delicious food, and luscious wine!
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ATVing- the exercise we must have at my Dream Spa Retreat! (and yes, that's hubs & me!) #spaweek

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MUST have this Red Wine Bath at my Dream Spa Retreat!!! Vinotherapy! #spaweek

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Acupuncture is the ONLY thing that gets my hubs out of pain (and helps heal me), so a real, medically certified acupuncturist is a TOTAL MUST at my Dream Spa Retreat! #spaweek

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I would have an elegant, romantic, fun treehouse at my Dream Spa Retreat! #spaweek

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