mehndi influenced elephant #tattoos thought of Randi

Mehndi Influenced Elephant Thought Of Randi-- Add some colors and this would definitely be one of my elephant tattoo choices

an arrow can only be shy by pulling you backwards. so when life is dragging you back its because its getting ready to launch you forwards. and its saggitarius symbol :)

Bow and arrow tattoo. - an arrow needs to be pulled back in order to launch into something. so even when life pulls you back, it's only so you can be launched into something great - Sagittarius.

Feather, tattoo?

Because of my new feather drawing addiction.Very botanical for a feather, which is right up my alley.I also see wood grain and infinity symbol. Love the incorporation =)

anchor ankle tattoos

Anchor with a rope tied to a rocket ship? Because he keeps me from flying off into orbit.