Honestly, wonderful until the last two lines. I really wanted this to be about the beauty of nature in and of itself, forgetting about the man made world for the most part. Instead, a love poem. Bleh.

Honestly, wonderful,especially til the last two lines. I thought it be about the beauty of nature in and of itself. Instead,it could turns into a love poem.

Woah lol. Okay this doesn't really relate to me. It's just a pretty poem haha

Your heart deserves much better than a broken girl like me . Hades and Perspephone

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too deep Unspoken by Erin Hanson : heart broken right now, but it will be alright

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"So they never asked the question, How they could say that she was free, When she'd forgotten who she was before, They said who she should be.

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thepoeticunderground: "Matter" June But I would add that God is the magical Creator. His thumbprints are on all of creation. He makes all things magical!/// Pinned by Avani Smnotra

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Her touch was light as a feather's, And it wasn't until she had started to leave, That people would instantly wonder, Why it became so much harder to breathe.