Rules: once the pack leader spots are filled, we will start rping. Boy for every girl. Can shapeshift into humans and wolves. Pin human form and wolf form. Please state which pack you are apart of. Be nice. Hate the RP not the RPer. Questions ask me!

This is Max. Max is a German Shepsky, or a German Shepard/Husky. I had to give Dakoda to my friend because she loved him so much. And she wanted a dog since she was So I got Max.

Open with Aspen-))he broke free from his chains tonight he's behaving not killing anyone or anything he goes out of his apartment bumping into you looking to you with his ice blue eyes and stares at you with a smile

I AM SPARTA! I'm the alpha of Starpack. I love my mate very much, I also care about my pack and its needs. Some may call me power hungry but honestly I don't want to see any wolf or pup die in the cold season.{Full name: Sparta} (Open)