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BUZZFEED QUIZ- which Marvel movie character are you? I GOT STAR-LORD \(-o-)/

Which Marvel Movie Character Are You: Loki. You’re very smart, and enjoy messing with other people. You’re always looking for a way to take advantage of situations, and thrive on chaos and mischief. THOR (see chris?

kinda already did this tho

Mush a Dog Sled! I love animals and I love the Husky breed. I think I will always own a Husky. This would be awesome.

I was laughing so hard after i watched this twice. I had to pin it to stop me from laughing LMAO!

This gif of Jennifer Lawrence spilling mints is everything-I am dying! I mean look at her face and watch her eyes when she is putting the mint container under the table

This heavenly work of poetry:

Funny pictures about Cheap Chinese Merchandise Has Never Been Better. Oh, and cool pics about Cheap Chinese Merchandise Has Never Been Better. Also, Cheap Chinese Merchandise Has Never Been Better photos.

Unicorn hamster.

Unicorn hamster…I laughed soooo hard. I don't think anyone who's never had hamsters understands just how funny this is. This is sooooo adorable😍 I love this unicorn hamster!

Another use for raisins // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

My three year old daughter said she needed raisins - funny, daughter, raisins.

funny gif | funny-gif-squirrel-stuffed-animal

There are two kinds of squirrels. Watch this 3 times. The time watch the first squirrel get it's feed & keep an eye on the squirrel in the background! 31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

HA!! gif

I laughed way more than I expected to lol I don't often walk to the beat of music (not consciously anyway) but this is fantabulous hahaha