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The Little Hermitage

the art room plant

the art room plant

9 Insanely Simple Steps To Fix Your Finances This Year Save Money, Saving Money, Budgeting #Budget, #SaveMoney


9 Insanely Simple Steps To Fix Your Finances This Year

Adorable mural on this camper!


Tiny-Ass Apartment: The Balcony Scene: 7 tips for turning your tiny balcony into an outdoor retreat.

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A vintage leather quiver (sexy!) holding antique wooden arrows makes for unusual, but inviting, door decor! Use in the autumn for a harvest feel...break the wreath routine with repurposed vintage! #SadieSeasongoods

All a Quiver- Autumn Door Decor

sculpture built from hypertufa (aka papercrete) with full instructions on creating an armature, etc. From Garden Web

My 2nd statue - female figure

Cori Dantini Community Tree Duvet Cover

Bedding Sets

mourning pendant

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Re purposed Necklace

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I can't find the source info, but this watercolor stained glass window is so beautiful I wanted to save it. Lots of interesting runs, drips and "oozles".

witraz by takmaj on deviantART

Alena Hennessy's You Are Free painting

blog - alena hennessy

reminding myself :)

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DIY moss covered monogram (day 16 of 31 days of Pinterest)

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Dishfunctional Designs: Global Recycling: Old Globes Upcycled

We can only move forward if you find the peace in yourself. I love and miss you. You are in my thoughts everyday.

From up North

30 Famous & Inspirational Quotes | From up North


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This is where I start my comeback, I will spend no more time asking God why doors have been closed because I'll be too busy praising God for all the doors that are about to open.

Timeline Photos - Daughter by Design | Facebook


Peaceful country winter setting

Beautiful Nature (stvdy: Colmar Wocke)


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Folk Art Mixed Media painting of The Sacred Heart

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Insect Taxidermy | eBay

Tree of Life design by renowned artist Althea Wilson

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Elle Bloomfield