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The Lovers Duet (Out From Under & In Too Deep)

Trista Lennon loses almost her whole family in a tragic automobile accident Police Dept. of Pine Bluff, Nevada deem an accident. She has two choices: go to Stanford University or stay with her cousin, Talia Viaro-Stewart, lead singer of Winter's Regret. The eighteen year old chooses the obvious and moves down to L.A., away from the small town near Lake Tahoe. She will open herself up to one man but little does she know, Trista was supposed to die that night, and her life is still in danger...
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Another great photo of Hardy Cox, bad ass and the current Prez of the Lucifer Saints L.A. charter in Glendale, CA.


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Clooney, the biker prospect and later full charter member of the Demon's Bastards. He is also Trista's first love and the guy she left behind after the accident.


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Kyra Hughes, daughter of Jonesy and Lorna, sister to Keren and Evan, and co-partner of the law firm Jackson and Hughes.


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Trista when she first arrives in L.A. She believes she will be able to forget all her problems and live it up for a while. She is completely out of control before Linx steps in and starts to play a bigger role in her life.


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Keren Hughes, the youngest of the Hughes clan. She and Trey Lennon are supposed to hook up -- too bad she doesn't want to end up with him and he doesn't want her either. The bad girl of the family, she finally cleans up when she and Misty open Leather & Lace, a clothing store in Pine Bluff.


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Trista starts out a fresh-eyed beauty who is hired as her cousin's personal assistant though she is smart enough to attend Stanford University.


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