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Resident Medical

How to Annoy a Resident, medical humor.

the underwear drawer: SCUTMONKEY COMICS

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Ultrasound Ob Gyn

Ultrasound Sonographer

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Ultrasound Physics

Sonography Status

OB/GYN Ultrasound Module. (Pin now, watch later!)

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This is just cruel…

So Funny

Funny Stuff

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Random Stuff


Ocd Stuff

That'S Cruel

Wrong Funny

Hilariously Funny

A cruel sense of humor.

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Psych Humor

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Medical Humor

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Biology Humor

Geek humor

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Absolutely Adorable

So Cute

He'S Adorable


Calm It S

Stay Calm

Calm Down

Extra Chromosome



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Evolution of Handwriting.

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Stork S Nest

Stephen Gaeta

Pre Med Probs

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Mommy Md

Ob Gyn

Medical Life

The Riveter


OB/GYN, the Riveter via Stephen Gaeta

Medicine prints

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Lee Greenwood

*Caffeine, By Mouth, Every 4 Hours, As Needed* Awesome

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What Is Science

Science Wonder

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Science Quotes

science (wonder) art

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Nerdy Tee

Talk Nerdy

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Talk To Me

Morgan Gloria

Daniel Morgan

Comic Nerd

Tee Sam


Talk Nerdy Tee.

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The best way to a man’s heart…

Man'S Heart

Heart Well

Medicine Humor

Nurse S Heart

Heart Humor

Medical Nerd

Funny Medical Humor

Medical Info

Medical Field

The best way to a man's heart..... is between the 4th and 5th ribs.... Yes I work in a hospital and yes, i love this.

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Patient'S Symptoms

Search Engine

Rare Diseases


Medical Life

Web Site


Internet Site


this is fantastic! FindZebra: a search engine for looking up rare diseases when our patient's symptoms are stumping us

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Radiology Medical

Medical Life

Medical Field

Medical School

Medical Stuff

Cardiology Radiology

Radiology Stuff

Xray Tech School

Radiology Memories

An X-ray explained

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Dc Instructions

Discharge Instructions

That S Funny

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Find Funny

Doctor S Orders

i would love to put this on d/c instructions

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Nurse Thing

Nurse Stuff

Nursing Stuff

Ems Stuff

Work Stuff

Paramedic Stuff

Job Thing

Paramedic Husband

Nursing Data

So true! But guilty of actually doing this... gotta love being a nurse

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True Stories

True Story

Wear Bodily

Nurse Stuff

Nursing Stuff

Nurse Thing

Nursing Notes

Nursing 101

Ahhhh Nursing

Pretty much sums it up!

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New School Year

First Day Of School

Middle School

Future School

First Week

On The First Day

Making Mistakes

Mistakes 3

Year S


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Parody Song

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Medical Spot

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Student Humor

With Student

Hilarious Video

In Clinic ("In Paris" medical school parody). Never gets old.

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Toooo Funny

Lol Funny


Funny Stuff

Funny Awesome

Hand Sanitizer

Truth Everyday




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Nursing Joke

Nursing Funnies

Nursing Life

Nursing School

Medical Humor

Nurse Humor

Cna Jokes

Medical Assistant Quotes

Cna Life

For sure

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30 Medical

Nursing Medical Stuff

Pre Nursing

Nursing Medicine

Medical History

Medical Humor

Things Nursing

Nursing Life

Nursing School

medical emoticons

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Info Graphic Illustration

Graphic Artist

Art Graphic Design

Graphic Ideas

Sharp Poster

Stay Sharp

That'S Sharp

Poster Layout

Design Poster

surgery. <3

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Er Nurse Humor

Emt Humor

Nurse Nurse

Medical Humor



Worst Pain

10 Pain

Nursing Jokes

10/10? I just smile and nod.

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Etsyfrom Etsy

Hugs Keep Us Alive - Art Print

So Cute

Cute Hug

Sooo Cuute

Absolutely Adorable

Funny Stuff

Random Stuff

Funny Things

Random Pins

Happy Things

Hugs Keep Us Alive.

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Ultrasound Info

Ultrasound School

Ultrasound Anatomy

Sonography Ultrasound

Ultrasound Vascular

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Sonography School

Normal Apppendix

Pretty Normal

website for normals & abnormals for every possible exam you can think of. www.ultrasoundcas...

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