This girl's blog is awesome for sewing beginners! I finally refound her!!!

Simple beginners sewing Merrick's Art // Style + Sewing for the Everyday Girl: Swimsuit Cover-up Maxi Dress (Tutorial)

Tutorial is so simple that I think I could do this.

Lazy Hem How-To

Lazy hem how-to. This is good: preserve the old cuff in a super easy hem method, great for jeans and similar type pants where you don't want to just cut off the bottoms.


A Small Snippet: Elastic Waist Skirt.also used for maxi skirt with ruffles at bottom. Morris this is the skirt I made for heather. Please just get fabric for one skirt (heather could not decide so she got three different fabrics).

maxi skirt tutorial

Cute Maxi Skirt The Crafted Sparrow: 10 Great Summer DIY Maxi Dress & Skirt Tutorials This.