where'd you meet the bride?

Where the bridesmaids met the bride. This is a great idea for a bride and bridesmaid photo shoot. I might have to steal this idea LOL!

Monogramed Chevron Canvas

Monogramed Chevron Canvas

Paint samples are really cheap (cheaper at Lowes than Walmart). Grab a blank canvas (also cheap), use painters tape to make a design, and buy a size appropriate wooden letter, or smaller letters to make a word, and paint those= Awesome art.

Kitchen Printables available in 8x10 or 11x14. Gotta have puns in every room of the house.

Free Kitchen Prints Over the Big Moon is offering these free printable kitchen prints! These make me want to head to the Dollar Tree for a few new frames.

Pretty script wall monogram placed on a mirror!

Wood Script Wall Monogram

Buy your Wood Script Wall Monogram here. Personalize your baby's nursery or child's room with this Script Wooden Wall Monogram! Features include:Available in mul

Monogram Etiquette from Savannah Designer Emily McCarthy. Leave it to a Southern girl to come up with such to the letter advice.

Monogram Etiquette by Savannah Designer, Emily McCarthy . I always thought mine and myles' monogram would be mSc (like music!) but this etiquette at a glance says it would actually be cSm . I like the music one better!

Letter wall

a wall of L's

Initial wall, different sizes, shapes, framed, not framed and of course different colors.

Shutter: frame: monogram:

Frame on shutters- love.I have the frame with the E in it already.and I have shutters I can put up.