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    Ellen McNamara
    Ellen McNamara
    Ellen McNamara

    Ellen McNamara

    Overly honest science; sadly you can't put things like that in a paper, life would be so much easier then...

    Teach students how to make multiplication arrays using construction paper and a hole punch in this fun and engaging math activity.

    Succulents in tubes. I will be using these in the greenhouse this winter to propagate new succulents for next spring

    Any topic of Persuasive Writing will look great on this fish themed template! From the "hook" to the closing, the layout keeps all parts of a writer's workshop piece organized!

    AMAZING number of free worksheets! Some plain and some cute. Math, English, Science, Preschool, etc.

    Why Is The Sky Blue? Cool Science Experiment for Kids.

    Free Fairytale elements anchor chart... Great "ingredients" for students to plan and write a fairytale! .....Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

    Multiplication Facts Assessments and Brag Tags Here is a great CCSS Aligned resource for your classroom: Operations Algebraic Thinking 3.OA.C7 These multiplication assessments may be used for Pre-Assessments, Post Assessments, and speed practice. Research shows that timed tests actually increase math fact fluency. There are 10 Karate belt levels of Brag Tags for recognition when students master a level.

    Zentangle made by Mariska den Boer 64

    4 High Leverage Practices for Principals Copy | Piktochart Infographic Editor

    Harbour Front Residence by Hess | Hoen

    Otherworldly....Clouds in puddle - amazing.

    Harpers Ferry , West Virginia where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet. This place is beautiful!!

    Great Falls- Potomac River, which divides Maryland and Virginia. It looks as if the photo was taken from the Maryland side. (USA)

    December Reading Comprehension Checks- Great practice to help children read and reread carefully.

    "when I'm 100 years old"... love this idea for 100 days of school!

    2nd-3rd Grade: 100th day of school project- self portrait of when your 100 years old- add writing piece 100 things you did in ur life (imaginary things they will do from nw until they are 100)

    What we'll look like when we're 100. Great activity for the 100th day of school.

    Grandparents Song (by Ron Brown from Intelli-Tunes via Teacher Idea Factory)

    Grandparent's Day is such a special and memorable day at school. This song would be perfect for your little ones to sing to their grandparents!

    INFP - Geniuses of the Heart. Is it weird that I totally have this? I love listening to people talk about things they are passionate about. Especially if it's a subject I don't know.

    Great tutorials on how to draw children and links on how to draw animals and other stuff. So cool!

    Ten math games that students can play with dominoes to strengthen multiplication, decimal, and fraction skills. A FREE printable is included!