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a stained glass window with trees and water
Imagine walking through a window and entering a magical world of changing light and jewel-like colors! #ellenrothauthor
a woman standing on top of a tree branch in the middle of a forest with moss
The clothing illustrated in #Ten #Fingers #Touching, a fairy tale for grown-ups, is reminiscent of garments made during the Middle Ages
the sun is setting over some water with a boat in it
Another #tranquil forest to start your #day. #EllenRothAuthor
a painting of a forest with lots of trees and plants in the middle of it
Enchanted forest lights by Lauraborn #EllenRothAuthor
a woman in a white wedding dress is flying through the air with her hair blowing
A sleeping princess #EllenRothAuthor
an old house with columns and pillars on the front porch is surrounded by greenery
Who says a prince needs a castle? I think a cozy manor works just as well! #EllenRothAuthor
a white unicorn standing in the middle of a forest
#Unicorn in an enchanted #forest - illustration by Anne Stokes (https://goo.gl/FdlJW ) #EllenRothAuthor
a woman sitting on a couch holding up a book
I was delighted to be among the speakers at Passages and Prose. My presentation focused on Ten Fingers Touching #EllenRothAuthor
an autumn scene with trees and water in the foreground, leaves on the ground
Can you picture the lovers in my book walking hand in hand through the forest enjoying the colorful splendor of nature?#ellenrothauthor
a drawing of a coffee cup with the words don't ever let anyone tell you that fairy tales aren't real
Fairytales and magic are real! #coffeelovers #happyhumpday
All fairies are sisters! Illustration by #SaraBurrier #fairies #sisters Fairy Paintings, Sisters Art, Art Aquarelle, Fairy Pictures, Color Pictures, Fairy Coloring, Baby Fairy, Butterfly Fairy, Fairy Magic
All fairies are sisters! Illustration by #SaraBurrier #fairies #sisters
looking up at the tops of tall trees in an autumn forest with yellow and green leaves
Rees are magical and inspiring because they remind us of strength and patience. #trees #Quebec #parcdelariviere #EllenRothAuthor
an autumn scene with trees reflecting in the water
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away! Photo credit #NathanBrisk