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Bride Learns the Funny Way That Nobody Turns Down a BBQ Invite

Bride Learns the Funny Way That Nobody Turns Down a BBQ Invite
  • Hannah Key
    Hannah Key

    Ellen, I love u! Please follow me

  • Babs ༺♥༻ Color & Theme ♡♥♡
    Babs ༺♥༻ Color & Theme ♡♥♡

    Hi Ellen, I started a group board for people who like to share their pins and have no pin limits set on their boards. If you also have no pin limits, would you like to join? Kind regards, Babs This is a link to my "No Pin Limits" group board:

  • Madison A
    Madison A

    Please follow me

  • Brad Prado
    Brad Prado


  • Madison A
    Madison A


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Belle meets Splash Mountain. A tale as old as time.

Funny Roller Coaster Photos
  • GreatNailsLady Nail Designer
    GreatNailsLady Nail Designer


  • Chelsey Whitefoot
    Chelsey Whitefoot

    Http:// Please share this with friends Nd family I'm raising money to go to LA next for modeling and acting I was hand selected to go on this amazing once in a life time trip

  • Bailey Mattern💜
    Bailey Mattern💜


  • Lisa Willis
    Lisa Willis

    I love water rides, any kind, anywhere! Come on Ellen, lets do it! :-)

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Hedgehog Expresses Exactly How We Feel About Fridays

Hedgehog Expresses Exactly How We Feel About Fridays
  • GreatNailsLady Nail Designer
    GreatNailsLady Nail Designer

    How cute!

  • Micah Gilkerson
    Micah Gilkerson

    At dawn, we ride!

  • gabrielle ♡
    gabrielle ♡

    Wittle hedgy is so so cwute!!!!! ❤️❤️

  • ŦҤE ÐλƦƙ $₩λ₦
    ŦҤE ÐλƦƙ $₩λ₦

    My friend has a hedgehog just like that!

  • annie fitzgerald
    annie fitzgerald

    So cute it would mean the world to me if u followed me please please make me happy

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This kiss got a lot more friendly than they were expecting.

What’s Wrong with These Theme Park Photos?!
  • Puppy Up Foundation
    Puppy Up Foundation


  • mac VB
    mac VB

    Hey I just saw this it's kinda crazy but I liked it so follow me maybe?

  • D Bishop
    D Bishop

    Hershey Park! I go there all the time!

  • Maria Kakani
    Maria Kakani

    Can't take it no more lol so funny

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One of these things is not like the other

Whoa, Belly! - Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery
  • emily✖️

    Found which one the baby melon is:) so cute!

  • Olivia O
    Olivia O

    Cleaver !

  • Emma Berkey
    Emma Berkey

    She's prego!

  • Olivia O
    Olivia O


  • TORI


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A star is born

Whoa, Belly! - Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery
  • Nicole Slater
    Nicole Slater

    I wonder if Ellen ever actually uses this Pinterest or if her people run it?

  • Nicole Slater
    Nicole Slater

    I wish it was her lol

  • Courtney Dolwick
    Courtney Dolwick

    Lol so funny Ellen PLEASE follow me I love ur show and u are such a fun person to watch on tv every day

  • Douglas Pfeninger
    Douglas Pfeninger

    yes be A crew slut!

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Just keep swimming!

Whoa, Belly! - Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery
  • Michelle

    This mom has Hyperemesis Gravidarum. She's wearing a subQ pump with meds to keep her alive. "Just keep swimming" is a great motto for dealing with the horrific pregnancy related disease HG. #iamasurvivor

  • Shyra Young
    Shyra Young

    Is that a tattot

  • Natalie Lydic
    Natalie Lydic

    Ha Ha

  • Ron "StandsWithABeer"
    Ron "StandsWithABeer" everything. How beautiful!

  • Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez

    Never gets old "just keep swimming"

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Ahh! Caption This!

Express Yourself!
  • Caroline DeFazio
    Caroline DeFazio

    How I feel when I'm home alone with my cat and someone knocks on the door

  • Katelyn Henry
    Katelyn Henry

    (Cat) AHH! (Girl) AHHHHH! Wait, why are we screaming"

  • Autumn McGuire
    Autumn McGuire

    (Girl)- "wait since when did i have a cat!!?" (Cat)- "ahh this is the strangest looking cat ive ever seen!!"




    when you freak it makes me SIAMESE

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Someone's feeling left out

Sneaky Pets - Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery
  • Katie S.
    Katie S.

    There is ALWAYS that one horse who just HAS to know what's going on all the time!

  • Hailey Nelson
    Hailey Nelson

    this is my friends picture this way on instagram yeterday of her horses 7th birthday

  • GreatNailsLady Nail Designer
    GreatNailsLady Nail Designer


  • Hailey Armentrout
    Hailey Armentrout

    awwh he/she looks sad...LOL

  • Holly Briggs
    Holly Briggs

    OMG I love you so much

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Now that's a true friend

Cutest Kids - Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery
  • Abigail


  • Zazzle Banners - The Endonym Shop
    Zazzle Banners - The Endonym Shop

    #Teamwork !!

  • Haley F
    Haley F

    Now that's friendship

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Happy April Fools Day!

What's Wrong with These Photos?!
  • Deb Phillips
    Deb Phillips

    Bet it didn't wash off.

  • Melissa Oakley
    Melissa Oakley

    Smh. I know it didn't wash off. Probably took a few days lol

  • Sara Pruner
    Sara Pruner

    My guess is she's in one it and it's not permanent marker on her face. He's just hold one to make you think it is.

  • Heidi

    One day it's April first the next you're being served with divorce papers

  • Abigail


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Laughter is all the cardio you need.

What You’re Doing While Watching Ellen
  • brooke mason
    brooke mason

    Ellen can you please follow me on pinterest that would mean the best to me I LOVE YOU ELLEN brooke mason

  • Kyra Ciel
    Kyra Ciel

    You had ONE JOB.

  • Lindsey Eivens
    Lindsey Eivens

    Oh gosh, I hope that's not me with my new gym membership.

  • Lindsey Eivens
    Lindsey Eivens

    Oh gosh, I hope that's not me with my new gym membership.

  • Jaci Lim
    Jaci Lim

    I guess thats the only way to work out

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Hot glam for the cam

Hot Glam! Where's My Man?
  • Daizy Wood Rowe
    Daizy Wood Rowe

    I don't get it. Why is this funny?

  • Erin Wright
    Erin Wright

    I think it's just a chuckle at the past... what was seen as "glamorous" a couple of decades ago. I remember thinking those women looked like luxury models. Now, the style is a bit silly. I don't think anyone is laughing at the appearance of the woman... just a chuckle at our old sense of style.

  • Busta

    I agree. I too thought these woman looked beautiful. It's just weird to see this kind of pic brought out again. You don't see too many pics like this these days.

  • Erin Wright
    Erin Wright

    No, thankfully!!

  • Bridget Deacon
    Bridget Deacon

    Andrea Naimon why the FUCK would u send me this

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Hot Glam Fam

Hot Glam, Mom! - Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery
  • Tommye Jordan
    Tommye Jordan

    We lol @ the "glam fam", but seriously, how many of us would have killed for the moms hair back in the day?!?!

  • Rebecca Kepley
    Rebecca Kepley

    So very true Tommye.

  • Jennifer Poppell
    Jennifer Poppell

    Let's DO it! Would make a nice father's day gift..

  • Naomi Dasher
    Naomi Dasher

    It would!

  • Melissa Girard
    Melissa Girard

    My mom and I have embarrassing Glamour Shots photos like this! They did everyone's hair the same way...BIG.

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Stay warm and look cool with this bizarre product

Bizarre Products!
  • Cynthia Podmore
    Cynthia Podmore

    Does the baby come with it?

  • Ella Schroeder
    Ella Schroeder

    If u are reading this please follow me I have 0!

  • Lindsey McAdams
    Lindsey McAdams


  • Kat N
    Kat N


  • Anna Iglesias
    Anna Iglesias

    Cattie Purdy Girl Almighty

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How to make the World Series fun, even if you don't follow baseball

Pinned from
  • Meg Barnlund
    Meg Barnlund

    I kNow right Harry

  • Ella Schroeder
    Ella Schroeder

    Yuck hate the Packers!

  • Harry Jans
    Harry Jans

    Yuck hate the Ella.

  • Ella Schroeder
    Ella Schroeder

    Even though they suck...I like the Vikings!

  • Ashley Moran💜♡
    Ashley Moran💜♡

    Go sox!

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What a great birthday present

Ellen's 11th Season
  • Faith Valdata
    Faith Valdata

    So cute. I am 8 and me and my mom love your design challenge show

  • 😜Delaney Malley😜
    😜Delaney Malley😜

    OMG so cute

  • Naricyn Andis
    Naricyn Andis

    thats cool

  • Tohorah Walker
    Tohorah Walker


  • Hailey Perez
    Hailey Perez

    That is adorable

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Perception Over Reality

Perception Over Reality
  • Lady Jewels
    Lady Jewels

    That's just wrong! !,

  • Rebecca Racine
    Rebecca Racine


  • Gemma Beads and Design
    Gemma Beads and Design

    Probably full of ads for erectile dysfunction.

  • Diana Huffer
    Diana Huffer

    OMG!! That's hilarious!!

  • Jaci Lim
    Jaci Lim

    that's how you attract buyers

Kitty in RV Wonderland

Funniest Photos
  • Mary Gideon
    Mary Gideon


  • Melissa Cook
    Melissa Cook

    Stephanie Cook

  • Stephanie Cook
    Stephanie Cook


  • libby

    Wait. Is that Walter White's RV?!

  • Keaton Drover
    Keaton Drover

    #This is AWESOME

It's amazing how much Ellen flies.

Ellen’s Fans Around the World
  • Olivia L
    Olivia L


  • Leia Wenninger
    Leia Wenninger

    Who wouldn't want to be on that plane?

  • Lauren Fix
    Lauren Fix


  • Katie Tanner
    Katie Tanner

    Ellen, you so fly. I'm sorry. I really just had to make that pun.

He knows their music like the back of his head

Bad Hair Photos
  • Diane Pick-Ross  ∾☮∾
    Diane Pick-Ross ∾☮∾

    My kind of kid!!

  • Vanessa Mell.
    Vanessa Mell.

    I luv the beatles!!!! I luv this!!!!

  • Kaylee Showalter
    Kaylee Showalter

    I want to meet this kid and shake his hand

  • Hailey Armentrout
    Hailey Armentrout

    lol XD

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Blending In

What's Wrong with These Photos?!
  • Rialine Steyn
    Rialine Steyn

    Level: Expert.

  • Dawn Dennis
    Dawn Dennis

    It's a Vonn Trap dress!

  • MaryKate Walsh
    MaryKate Walsh

    Hahaha Dawn Cameron-Hollyer Dennis that is sooooo funny omg it is soooo true nice connection!!

  • MaryKate Walsh
    MaryKate Walsh

    Oops I meant @ Dawn Dennis

  • Allyhondro Hancock
    Allyhondro Hancock

    It's right out of the sound of music

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Fuzzy Bikini

Fuzzy Bikini |
  • Tristen Foskett
    Tristen Foskett

    Hahahaha! This is great :)

  • Grover Underwood
    Grover Underwood

    Aw sick

  • Ali Nummies
    Ali Nummies


  • Lauren #16
    Lauren #16

    I would HATE to see the bottom half of that bikini. :)

  • Jaci Lim
    Jaci Lim

    well he can save more money on bathing suits

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Pimp that car!

Fans Finding Nemo
  • Kayla Acevedo
    Kayla Acevedo


  • Debra Foxx
    Debra Foxx


  • Cory McCue
    Cory McCue

    Corinda Traina

  • Meghan

    I want that car!!

  • Grover Underwood
    Grover Underwood

    lol DORY

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Can you spot her brother?

What's Wrong with These Photos?!
  • Shaylin Hendrix
    Shaylin Hendrix

    Oh my goodness

  • Shyra Young
    Shyra Young

    Lol i fout him

  • Kaleigh Reed
    Kaleigh Reed


  • ♡♡PrincessSunshine♡♡

    XD lol well that's awkward on a whole new level!!

  • Angelina Brown
    Angelina Brown

    Saw him right away by her dads foot

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