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#Oscars Party

Oscar Party Recap! | Pencil Shavings Studio


11 DIY Ideas for your #oscars2015 party. You're going to love these!

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  • megan

    Ellen you are so fabulous I can't even :) lol

  • Nicole Teter
    Nicole Teter

    Thanks for sending. I have been looking for ideas;)

DIY Tuxedo Confetti Poppers - Oscars Party Ideas

Tuxedo Confetti Poppers for an Oscars Viewing Party

  • Caroline Hermance
    Caroline Hermance

    I feel like Ellen throws the best parties... Like ever...

  • noheli


Make Your Own Reindeer Buddy

Make Your Own Reindeer Buddy


Turn an old boat into a bed!

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  • Janis Robles
    Janis Robles

    Sure, because we always have some old boat lying around somewhere

Cheap, easy Thanksgiving centerpieces

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  • Mo (Maureen) Cunningham
    Mo (Maureen) Cunningham

    Great idea!! Thanks!

  • regina dillingham
    regina dillingham

    Great idea. I would do this.

Get 25% off at any Michael's Craft Store this weekend

Get 25% Off at Michaels

  • Nikki Wolf
    Nikki Wolf

    Going to joanns for 75% off fleece!!!!

  • Stephanie Ludden
    Stephanie Ludden


5 long bathroom ideas | Ranch of Ellen Degeneres in Santa Monica

My Paradissi: 5 long bathroom ideas

  • Sara Petry
    Sara Petry

    Stop showing off Ellen!

ellen degeneres ranch

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Thanksgiving decor / holiday decor dried orange peel Candle centerpiece

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  • Abby Cameron
    Abby Cameron

    Definitely gonna have to do this

Thanksgiving wreath. You could change out the yellow satin ribbon with different colors for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Tonita Cuenca
    Tonita Cuenca


Love the pumpkins in the vase ... add cinnamon :-) #thanksgiving #fall

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  • -Rustic Treasures Decor
    -Rustic Treasures Decor

    pumpkins in vase.... are cute

thanksgiving or holiday cinnamon wrapped candles | best stuff - Great idea for the kids to give as gifts! #giftideas #holidaydecorating

HouseHunt Real Estate Blog - Real Estate News & Advice

  • marie young
    marie young


  • regina dillingham
    regina dillingham

    I did this for thankgiving! Was a hit! Thanks

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones

    I love this!! Its beautiful:)

Put flowers in a pumpkin instead of a vase. Perfect for a #Thanksgiving centerpiece. Simply cut out the center, clean out the pumpkin and place an empty clean can in the center and fill with your favorite fall flowers or a candle!

Thanksgiving Crafts & Ideas

  • Debby Bramhall
    Debby Bramhall

    Cute idea thank you

Alyson Hannigan's Kids' Lunches: veggie animals, flower sandwiches and heart-shaped fruit

Alyson Hannigan and Ellen's Costume Showdown

  • Brittany Pursel
    Brittany Pursel

    That is the most creative lunch that I have ever seen

  • Karen Reynolds
    Karen Reynolds

    Alyson Hannigan must have a LOT of time...

  • Alexis Dwinell
    Alexis Dwinell

    Anne Byrne

  • Kathryn Friend
    Kathryn Friend

    Oh Lord...In my day my kids ate their peanut butter sarmie or went hungry......

  • The Good The Bad and The Mommy
    The Good The Bad and The Mommy

    Love it!

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Alyson Hannigan's fun snack for kids: mandarin orange beach, banana palm trees, kiwi leaves

Alyson Hannigan and Ellen's Costume Showdown

  • Hailey

    LoL I like that idea for the summer

  • regina dillingham
    regina dillingham

    Great kids snack.

  • Debbie Mitchell
    Debbie Mitchell

    too pretty it eat.


    It's making me hungry!

Alyson Hannigan's Kids' Lunches: macaroni hair with tomato parmesan face

Alyson Hannigan and Ellen's Costume Showdown

  • Gяαcє Fα∂є
    Gяαcє Fα∂є

    I loved this!

  • ... ...
    ... ...

    What are the green things?

  • free verse designs
    free verse designs

    Fresh olives or green grapes?

  • Andrea

    Grapes, asparagus, peas

Alyson Hannigan Fun Kid's Lunches: veggie animals

Alyson Hannigan and Ellen's Costume Showdown

  • noel


  • Sarah Tedesco
    Sarah Tedesco

    ANGTFT is right!

  • Nichole Greenwood
    Nichole Greenwood

    Ugh, no time AND no patience! LOL! But really cute...

  • Alexis Dwinell
    Alexis Dwinell

    Anne Byrne

  • Camille Schneider
    Camille Schneider


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Alyson Hannigan's kids' lunches: fun shapes! Heart-shaped veggies, star fruit, and flower-shaped protein

Alyson Hannigan and Ellen's Costume Showdown

  • Jasmine Dyamond✓
    Jasmine Dyamond✓


Alyson Hannigan makes her kids' lunches fun for them to eat! Veggies, fruit, pretzel's and a spinach quinoa-shaped mermaid

Alyson Hannigan and Ellen's Costume Showdown

  • Joanie Verucchi-Crump
    Joanie Verucchi-Crump

    it's a http://planetbox.com/ both my kids have them, their awesome!!

  • Sandy Mitchell
    Sandy Mitchell

    Thank you Joanie!

  • Casey @waffling
    Casey @waffling

    Roberta Causarano chiarella, I think the mermaid is hummus

  • Wendy Sorensen
    Wendy Sorensen

    The only bad part is if your kid leaves their lunch box at school or loses it, you are out $50.00 They are awesome, but I think I will stick with our big clunky igloo lunch boxes. ;)

  • Katelyn Broad
    Katelyn Broad

    Quinoa is a complete protein. :)

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Lemon slices frozen in water in cupcake trays - to create colorful discs of ice to float in pitchers of water on the table // #DIY

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Before and After - the dining room

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Before and After - the living room

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Before and After - the bedroom

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  • Kiara Klassen
    Kiara Klassen

    Amazin! And want itWo!

  • Kathi Miller
    Kathi Miller

    Dramatic difference.

  • María Cristina Amadori
    María Cristina Amadori

    Cómo se iluminó el ambiente.... bello !!!!

  • Chalice Flower
    Chalice Flower

    So, the window disappeared...looks amazing!

  • Debby Bramhall
    Debby Bramhall

    Love it maybe one day down the road my bedroom will look that nice.first have to plant a few money trees.with this house/daycare

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Bedroom accent chair and dresser

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