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Click Through to Win a Pair of Tickets to See Bruno Mars on Tour!

Win a Pair of Tickets to See Bruno Mars on Tour!
  • Stephanie Stemplewski
    Stephanie Stemplewski

    I would love to see Bruno Mars ;)

  • DeAnna DaCosta
    DeAnna DaCosta

    I love him!

  • Flo Collom
    Flo Collom

    That came from ELLEN"S page.

  • Mary Martin
    Mary Martin

    #Kid Drummer

  • Julia Enright
    Julia Enright

    Follow for a follow?

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Get Jessica Bassett's Song on iTunes Right Here!

Jessica Bassett's Song Is on iTunes!
  • Alex Wells #ιℓσνєнαιкιттєнвєαя #ѕтαуѕтяσиgρяιℓℓα
    Alex Wells #ιℓσνєнαιкιттєнвєαя #ѕтαуѕтяσиgρяιℓℓα

    I mean it's bad

  • Alex Wells #ιℓσνєнαιкιттєнвєαя #ѕтαуѕтяσиgρяιℓℓα
    Alex Wells #ιℓσνєнαιкιттєнвєαя #ѕтαуѕтяσиgρяιℓℓα

    Omg It sounded like its a good thing sorry!

  • Melanie Krider
    Melanie Krider

    I can't believe she had 2 no's! She is the definition of an American Idol. Naturally beautiful and talented!

  • Carol Gober
    Carol Gober

    I already have it!

  • Karen-Beth Rynkewicz
    Karen-Beth Rynkewicz

    I thought everything about her was beautiful!

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Win Tickets To See Hunter Hayes!

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  • Kristina Driver
    Kristina Driver

    Omg...... Pick me!! 👍

  • Amanda Kinnaman
    Amanda Kinnaman

    Sad no Omaha show!!!

  • Terry H. Mendoza
    Terry H. Mendoza

    My 8 year old daughter has the cutes crush on Hunter Hayes

  • Moreen N
    Moreen N

    Ohh Ohh Me to Please!ox Braydell

  • Mary Martin
    Mary Martin

    #Kid Drummer

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Get the 30 Seconds to Mars CD right here!

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  • Jennifer Gutter
    Jennifer Gutter

    Love 30STM! I recommend buying all their albums. :-)

  • Stephanie Canales
    Stephanie Canales

    Got it and waiting for their concert in Sydney in March!

  • sohaila issmai
    sohaila issmai

    can you send it to me in egypt :(

Get Ellen's CD!

Get Ellen's CD!
  • Dianna B
    Dianna B

    I would love to have your CD Ellen, Thank you!

  • Robin Roberts
    Robin Roberts

    Would luv this cd you must hold the record for followers. Thank you for all the joy you give to this world

  • Sandy Myott
    Sandy Myott

    I would Love a Ellen CD!

  • Kerry Robertshaw
    Kerry Robertshaw

    Check out The Avett Brothers Ellen.

  • Sandy Myott
    Sandy Myott

    Just Love the Ellen show. Crime, hate, goes on everyday. You turn to Ellen show at 4:00 and you can forget about all the hatred in this world for awhile. She brings Love and Happiness to people. I see more smiles on this show than I do anywhere. She's my HERO........

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Win Tickets to See Sting!

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  • Michael Howard
    Michael Howard

    Hope I win for Dallas, TX. concert. Good luck to all who entered.

  • nomadmaiden

    I would freak out to win tickets to see Sting and Paul Simon in Inglewood. What an amazing pairing!!! Dream concert! What a prize Ellen. Music makes my life full.

Win Tickets to See Shania Twain!

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  • Britt Shannon
    Britt Shannon

    Just registered! I would love to take my mom to this show. Great childhood memories singing with my mom to Shania Twain on the way to school!

  • Caitlin Anne
    Caitlin Anne

    Totally just registered my father-in-law :) He's a Shania fan!

  • Kim Richey Dykeman
    Kim Richey Dykeman

    Hoping to win to surprise my hudband for our 37th wedding anniversary. He is always planning and surprising……would finally like to pull one over on him!!

  • Kim Richey Dykeman
    Kim Richey Dykeman


  • Tammy Williams
    Tammy Williams

    it would be a great christmas present

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Lady Antebellum performs "Compass"

Ellen's 11th Season
  • Sarah Baxley
    Sarah Baxley

    They did a great Job! I'm a huge fan of you Ellen! :-)

  • Terra Stevens
    Terra Stevens

    I watched that after school!

Click for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Demi Lovato in concert!

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  • Shayla Vance
    Shayla Vance

    Not old enough to be eligible for the contest but I turn 18 in four months. WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL? I really want to see Demi!

  • Erin

    Love you Ellen! You are such an amazing role model ♥

  • Jessica Gibbs
    Jessica Gibbs


  • Lara Thomas
    Lara Thomas

    My son is dying to go to her concert!!!!!

  • Michael Howard
    Michael Howard

    Entered. Hope I win for Dallas, TX. concert!! GL 2 all.

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Capital Cities performs "Safe and Sound"

Ellen's 11th Season

Win Tickets to See Josh Groban

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  • Sandy Jorgensen-Hoffman
    Sandy Jorgensen-Hoffman

    :-) 😉😊

Win Lee DeWyze's New CD and Nicki Minaj's Minajesty!

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  • Shari Cornelius
    Shari Cornelius

    Love Lee Dewyze!

The amazing Elton John performed his new single "Home Again"

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  • Glenna Wheatley
    Glenna Wheatley

    Hmmm. I wouldn't call him amazing. He was downright rude to fans and Dennis Miller at a multi-talent concert a few years ago. Intolerant of anyone who doesn't think like he does. THAT's what I'd call him. And slut.

Ricky Martin performs "Come with Me"

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Ylvis performed "The Fox". Ellen and tWitch were very excited.

Ellen's 11th Season
  • Vitolia Tuilave
    Vitolia Tuilave


  • Vitolia Tuilave
    Vitolia Tuilave

    I saw it live

Drake performs "Hold On We're Going Home"

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  • amber espinoza
    amber espinoza

    He's just the best love drake

  • Lauren

    Ugh that song

Nick Cannon performs "Me Sexy"

Ellen's 11th Season

Learn More About Christina Bianco

Learn More About Christina Bianco
  • Michelle Erich
    Michelle Erich

    She went to high school with my son. They were in all of the plays together. She was incredibly talented, back in the day, and she has only gotten better!

Zendaya performs "Replay"

Ellen's 11th Season
  • Anna Erickson 🍉
    Anna Erickson 🍉

    I love Zendaya!

  • ѕorən ѕтopnιĸ 💀
    ѕorən ѕтopnιĸ 💀


  • hannah mae
    hannah mae

    zendaya sucks

  • Addie Long
    Addie Long

    Lip sync

  • Anna Erickson 🍉
    Anna Erickson 🍉

    She doesn't do it well. I didn't like the performance.

Win Zendaya's CD!

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Josh Groban performed "I Believe"

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Win Tickets to See Josh Groban!

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  • Donna Riggleman
    Donna Riggleman

    Darn, he's not coming to St. Louis and I can't afford to drive to Chicago :( Oh wellsa!!

The beautiful Ciara is Ellen's guest DJ

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The amazing Earth, Wind & Fire!

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Earth, Wind & Fire's New CD!

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  • Sherri Rainbolt Pressley
    Sherri Rainbolt Pressley

    WHAT?! I LOVE them! Thanks Ellen!