Sophia Grace & Rosie

Pictures from when Ellen's dynamic duo visits, and all the different tutus and tiaras they wear.

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Sophia Grace & Rosie

Sophia Grace & Rosie

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  • devon ✞☯ wall
    devon ✞☯ wall

    Omgosh i need this!! I saw their katy perry dark horse performance on your show!! Cant wait for the sophia grace and rosie movie!! Ellen should have a "comments on pinterest" segments..... I would be on here almost every time!! xD

  • Courtney Dolwick
    Courtney Dolwick

    I love Sophia Grace and Rosie

  • Diana Frazier
    Diana Frazier

    I hope I live long enough to see the playback of the "vintage" footage of the first performance on Ellen with N.M.

  • GreatNailsLady Nail Designer
    GreatNailsLady Nail Designer


  • Brissa Caraveo
    Brissa Caraveo

    What channel does ellen show come out on

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"If I see a shark, I'll just punch it in the face." --Rosie, on swimming in the ocean

Quote of the Day: Sharks
  • Lindsay Steeves
    Lindsay Steeves

    Adam Faferek

  • Love

    So cute

  • Ashlyn Smith
    Ashlyn Smith

    so sweet

  • Liz Von Vanity
    Liz Von Vanity


  • ❤️Rajvir

    They are Adorable and so funny ❤️

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Sophia Grace & Rosie Get Slimed!

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  • Angie Brungardt
    Angie Brungardt

    LoL they are so cute

  • Molly K.
    Molly K.

    haha i watched that! but in the end they looked like they wanted more! haha

  • Patty Thomsen
    Patty Thomsen

    That was cute!!!

  • louis bérubé
    louis bérubé

    It was funny

  • Lauren Small
    Lauren Small

    Ellen DeGeneres hi i am such a big fan! I am a singer and would love to be on your show! Can u plz reply?

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A young fan

What You’re Doing While Watching Ellen

Sophia Grace & Rosie met Vince Vaughn!

Ellen's 10th Season
  • Jamie Messerly Gradney
    Jamie Messerly Gradney


  • Kaylee Calcott
    Kaylee Calcott

    Sophia grace and Rosie is so cute and funny

  • Brooke Brown
    Brooke Brown

    I LOVE these little girls! You are honored to be their friend and vice versa! ;))) LOL

  • Ruth Lehane
    Ruth Lehane

    im a fan

  • Kristin Uptain
    Kristin Uptain

    are* so cute and funny.

The dynamic duo was here to perform Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop"

Ellen's 10th Season
  • Kooki Kream
    Kooki Kream


  • Megan ♪♫♡☼
    Megan ♪♫♡☼

    I love Sohpia Grace and Rosie... I actually didn't know about them until I saw them on Ellen

  • Lauren Nugent
    Lauren Nugent

    I don't care if I am almost 18- I want a poofy dress like that

  • Larkin Kelly
    Larkin Kelly

    i wish i could be that famous. i can sing... kind of

  • Barbara Garner
    Barbara Garner

    You can also get skirts made by Oopsy Daisy Baby, She will make any design check her out.

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Sophia Grace and Rosie with Katy Perry

Backstage at Ellen - Season 10
  • Sam M
    Sam M

    These two girls are just darling :)

  • Stephanie Grenwelge
    Stephanie Grenwelge

    I love Sophia Grace and Rosie! They are adorable!

  • Marie Zajac
    Marie Zajac

    These Sweetie pie girls always make me smile and laugh!

  • Gerri Richards
    Gerri Richards

    Love Rosie and Sophia Grace, they just make me happy!

  • Summer MACKINNON
    Summer MACKINNON

    So cute

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Sophia Grace and Rosie with Drake

Backstage at Ellen - Season 10
  • Julia MacPhee
    Julia MacPhee

    omg thre are sooooooo cute luv u ellen

  • Tux

    cute girls!!!!!!

  • Love

    Cute girls sing better than me

  • Tux


  • Love

    Eww that pup

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Sophia Grace and Rosie on the red carpet with Ed Sheeran

Backstage at Ellen - Season 10
  • chloe

    Lucky girls! i LOVE ed sheeran!! < 3

  • Taylor McKinley
    Taylor McKinley

    Ed & these two girls all in one photo= perfection!

  • Julia Enright
    Julia Enright

    Needed this photo for one of my boards

  • Natalie Harding
    Natalie Harding

    sooo cute

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Sophia Grace & Rosie at their book signing

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  • Laura Hess
    Laura Hess

    They are way too cute!!

  • Linda Morrow
    Linda Morrow

    I love how close they are to one another!

  • Mignon Brown
    Mignon Brown

    Sophia Grace & Rosie are the highlight of my day~just warms my heart to watch them with Ellen.

  • Valerie Hoefert
    Valerie Hoefert

    These little girls are so adorable. I love watching them.

  • Francine Coleman
    Francine Coleman

    Rosie rocks! SG? UGH!

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Breaking hearts already

Cutest Kids - Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery
  • Maggie Fischer
    Maggie Fischer

    that is so cute

Sophia Grace & Rosie have a new book!

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  • Sierra Carter
    Sierra Carter

    This is so cute they are so creative

  • Zarin Nawar
    Zarin Nawar

    I cant wait till I read it! Its gonna b awesome! I love them soooooo much! They can really make a pink tutu and tiara look sexy! ♡

  • Brandy

    ^ that's a little creepy!

  • Leslie Vernon
    Leslie Vernon

    Link is broken.

  • Rhonda Moore
    Rhonda Moore

    OMG, where can I get it?

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The girls at the Matterhorn.

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    i JUST lOVE THEM. Ellen your such a good person. They love you to death. so sweet .

  • Chrysalis White
    Chrysalis White

    These girls are so adorable you just want to eat them up whenever you see them.... I cant wait for that little Rosie to start opening up more!!! They are going to be so popular among their age and younger!!!! So cute

  • Connie Hurrle
    Connie Hurrle

    So cute and funny too!

  • Jeanna Yates
    Jeanna Yates

    Can i just say, i am so glad you found these two girls. They, as well as you, make my mom and me so happy! Talk about great kids, with a bright future!

  • Mia E
    Mia E

    Just keep scrubbing mater he will love it

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Sophia Grace & Rosie Check Out Cars Land

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  • Kathy Bassett
    Kathy Bassett

    Absolutely love this! I hate to see them grow older. Sophia Grace is so funny, and Rosie is so precious.

  • Tina Alphier
    Tina Alphier

    Their faces when they turned around! PRICELESS!! Can't wait to take my princess in October ;)

  • Chappell Ann Coleman
    Chappell Ann Coleman

    My two favorite things in ONE!!!!

  • Dale Moses
    Dale Moses

    l love these little ladies.

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Sophia Grace & Rosie visit Dodger Stadium!

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  • elva andrade
    elva andrade

    I love Sophia Grace and Rosie! The are Beautiful and So Smart!

  • renee scott
    renee scott

    so awesome

  • nicole & kari kailiuli
    nicole & kari kailiuli

    I luv u ellen!!!u inspire me so much plz read this i am the same age a sophia grace omg it is even a honor to be writing to u!! :P

  • Jessica Gunning
    Jessica Gunning

    I love these guys so cute!

  • Barbara Garner
    Barbara Garner

    You can also get skirts made by Oopsy Daisy Baby, She will make any design check her out.

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Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Russell Brand

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  • Tracy Daugherty
    Tracy Daugherty

    These little girls are so funny! Cute too!!!

  • J.k. Rivera
    J.k. Rivera


  • Mary Rose Patrick
    Mary Rose Patrick


  • Myrtice Chavis
    Myrtice Chavis

    Russell was so funny with the girls that day. I laughed so hard. I just love them. Wish you could have them on every day.

  • Kiara Church
    Kiara Church

    "Sophia-Grace, describe everything youve ever thought." "PINK!" "GOOD GIRL!" *Ellen almost falls out of her seat laughing* *everyone almost falls out of their seats laughing*

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Throwing out the ceremonial 1st pitch at the Dodgers game.

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  • Barbara Garner
    Barbara Garner

    Ok No Problem--- However you can still get petti skirts from several designers. Several companies do triple and Quad layers. May need to look more on the internet.... Plus did not say she made your skirts.... Read the post--- Merely stating you can get Petti Skirts there also... Wow Careful

  • Hailey Nelson
    Hailey Nelson

    I hate their accent and theway they dress and why copy nikki m their is only one of u im

  • Hailey Nelson
    Hailey Nelson

    Be YOU NOT someone else! I cant stand them

  • XxEmilyVelezxX


  • Natalie Harding
    Natalie Harding

    princesses play baseball?????

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Nicki Minaj gives Sophia Grace & Rosie some advice.

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  • Audrey Rose
    Audrey Rose

    i love when they come on the show!!

  • joanne Gober
    joanne Gober

    These girls are amazing. I loved them.

  • Rosa Valentine
    Rosa Valentine

    Please talk to me I love them both and there my Idol even thow im older

  • Rosa Valentine
    Rosa Valentine

    Please talk to me I love them both and there my Idol even thow im older

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Sophia Grace & Rosie make a drawing for Ellen!

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  • Brooke Brown
    Brooke Brown

    mackenzie w

  • Amy Sylvia
    Amy Sylvia

    Awww! Adorable

  • Erica Rudkin
    Erica Rudkin

    I ❤️ love you sophia grace and rosie I wish we could be BFFs

  • XxEmilyVelezxX

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nicki Minaj and Sophia Grace & Rosie reunite!

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  • camille horvitz
    camille horvitz

    Nicki I love you, aren't those little girls the greatest they need to hurry back on the shoe

Sophia Grace and Rosie on the Grammys red carpet!

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  • Myrtice Chavis
    Myrtice Chavis

    So Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francine Coleman
    Francine Coleman

    Rosie is adorbs. Sophie Grace and her spoiled brat piggy face needs to step!

  • Clawdya Childers
    Clawdya Childers

    What do yu have against Sophia Grace? She didn't do anything to you.

  • Isobel Beckitt
    Isobel Beckitt

    I like them but I just think they are a bit to spoiled and Sophia grace is older than me (10 1/2) and I'm 1 metre 50

  • TyLiyah Hannah
    TyLiyah Hannah

    Omg cut it those girls are cute they are haveing fun. Life is to short to live ur life as a wanna be =.=. But they need to get over tu tu's. But they are adorable, but there parents should be ashamed alittle becuase they are singing songs my mom and dad say are to innapropiate. And my mom and dad listen to lil wayne and drake and stuff.

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Ellen gives personalized hats to Sophia Grace & Rosie and tWitch.

Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery
  • Shari Van Gundy
    Shari Van Gundy

    Love those two Ellen !

  • Melissa Turnbull
    Melissa Turnbull

    LOVE them ALL!!

  • Tracy Conley
    Tracy Conley

    I'm sorry but they drive me crazy!!

  • Maia J
    Maia J

    thx tracy. I agree

In the groove with tWitch.

Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery
  • Jennifer Richards
    Jennifer Richards

    I love Twitch!!

  • Melodie Dutton
    Melodie Dutton

    Twitch in a tiara. Priceless :)

  • Linda Sherrin
    Linda Sherrin

    Priceless just love them

Sophia Grace & Rosie Go to Dance Class!

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  • Melodie Dutton
    Melodie Dutton

    omg i love those kids and I love twitch -- awesome!!

  • Deanna Payne
    Deanna Payne

    That ws the cutest!!!

  • Kerri Rifkin
    Kerri Rifkin


Sophia Grace & Rosie Dance with tWitch!

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  • Donna Hammonds
    Donna Hammonds

    SO cute : )

  • Melodie Dutton
    Melodie Dutton

    such little dolls!!! hope they stay sweet little girls :)

  • Susannah Johnson
    Susannah Johnson

    SO Good!

  • Tina Salvatore
    Tina Salvatore


  • Teresa Yeater
    Teresa Yeater

    Too Cute

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