the perfect summer dress, by Zimmermann don't like mos tlong dresses cause they just hang, but this one REALLY has style!

pistachio + rosewater ice cream

Ice Cream or Bastani with pistachio’s and rose water

pistachio + rosewater ice cream (ice cream maker not required) / Persian Cuisine from Javane's Kitchen

Yasha Butler  Lithic

in love ceramic vases clay art vessel pottery artist Yasha Butler Lithic

The Lazy Shoe Zen

The DIY Lazy Shoe Zen Shoes Rack Plans& Lazy Susan shoe rack- shoe Organiser pattern from ShoesRack on Etsy. Saved to Epic Wishlist.

Dress  Callot Soeurs, 1925-1926  The Metropolitan Museum of Art. @designerwallace

Callot Soeurs (French, active Date: Culture: French Medium: silk, metal thread Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Diameters Are a Girl’s Best Friend Necklace by Karma Living - Multi, Statement, Folk Art - Modcloth - Jewelry - Freaking Awesome