More ideas from Eleanor
Paint books. Just needed water and a paint brush to make magic.

I remember only being allowed these if I was ill as my mum said they were a waste of money. Water & a paintbrush transformed the black line drawings into colour - magic! Mind you, the whole book could be completed in 5 minutes.

These are now superseded by white boards and have a marker pen to write with so no heavy wood eraser blocks!

Roller blackboards and the wheeled ones, our science teacher used to put the kids who didn't behave behind it lol been there a few times myself :) not a very popular teacher i think the whole class would have been behind if he had his way hahaha

Black Plimsolls for PE

Black Plimsolls for PE. These were out indoor shoes at school. Had to change in to them as soon as we got in the class room,,,remember these in my slipper bag!

The Handbook of Doom

The Brownie Guide Handbook - Girl Scouts - London 1977 - I read this so many times - loved the story about becoming a brownie.