True story!

Jurassic Park in my house…

"When you have two small children at home and you come back into the room to see this, it is like seeing the Raptor cage torn in Jurassic Park." - this works for dogs too!

I'll get you one day, Sephora!

So true.the logic behind it! BUT, I will say that it's much easier to justify, when the website suggesting this is Sephora or Ulta!

This made me laugh way too hard.

Rare disability…

What kind of disability is THIS? The Get Your Head Out of Your ASS? Or head in the ass syndrome?

Ha. NO kidding.

Holy shit do I want to tell this to so many ppl all the time-Pam is right. I want to say it to more than half of our high school lol

But really..

This is the truest pin for me. Thanks Creswell Creswell Myhre for finding it! So accurate for my feelings, damn

hahahaha... Drunk Me Had Her Reasons

Drunk Me Had Her Reasons | Tank

Hahaha sober me would LOVE to know the reasoning behind why drunk me thinks it such a great idea to shower with all my clothes still on


Dang Boy | Tank Top

Dang boy, are you the sun? Cause you need to stay about miles away from me.

This is adorable lol

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 88 Pics AWWWW! this reminds me of how nathan looked when he was born!