japanese bride #japan

japanese bride in white kimono carrying a white oriental parasol (umbrella)

Japanese school uniform <3

Japanese school uniform am i the only one that thinks world wide schools should wear japanese styled uniforms coz ours are crap!


In the summer, the Japanese people enjoy wearing a traditional summer 'Yukata' a light cotton kimono with a simple 'obi' (sash belt). It is naturally cool and airy, great for summer nights enjoying fireworks


Probably, I think that she is not a geisha girl but "Maiko." As for her, on conditions, it is too young that the geisha girl has the completed art-entertainments. A severe long lesson is required to become a geisha girl.

Here are two icons of Harajuku’s most colorful street styles who need no introduction – it’s Junnyan and Kumamiki! When we ran into the glow-in-the-dark duo, they reminded us about their upcoming Harajuku Fashion Walk party.