Billy, can I have some pop cans? :) Love this! Recycled Soda Pop Can Bracelets tutorial .We can find some for a neighborhood project


Starbucks Coffee Addiction sometimes you just NEED the cup with the green straw, So much truth. It's an addiction.

First ever Wal-Mart ad from 1962. The beginning of the end.

First ever Wal-Mart ad, 1962 I did not know Walmart was born the same year I was! I'm older than Walmart by about 4 months.


Drink Me. If I could bottle up creativity I give it to you in a bottle I would! Next best thing.let's open up your creative juices throughout Courageous Creativity in Biz Mastermind by-the-sea

AdBag #2 Lipton

Stunning Examples of Bagvertising" -- Shown: Lipton Clear Green Tea Bag. Click through for many more very clever examples.

Sprite Shower

Dont like to drink it but a fun shower-Sprite Beach Shower.The Sprite installed a giant shower that looks like a giant Sprite soda dispenser on beach. They are available on popular beaches in Brazil and Israel.