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Persian Food, Dessert and Cookies

Persian Food, Dessert and Cookies

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♥ Persian new year. Nooruz - Haft-seen is the table settings for the Persian New Year. Each item is symbolic of elements in nature that nourish and sustain us.

Clive Nichols - Library of contemporary fine art and botanical images of flowers and gardens

One of the traditions of Iranian New Year is to place a few goldfish in a clear dish or vase, the goldfish represent a happy life.

~ Musings of an Artist: March 2011

Beautiful Haft Sin table.

Photo by David Niki

Aide Nooruz Mobarak!!!! for all the persians out there like me

Sofreh Haft Seen ~ The 7 “S” of Norouz Spread

New Year tradition: make a knot in the "Sabze" for good luck! Thank you Mommy for being a lovely hand model lol

NOWRUZ Haft Sîn ("The Seven S's") table has seven offerings starting with S: 1. Somagh (sumac): the colour of sunrise; 2. Serkeh (vinegar): age/patience; 3. Senjed (dried fruit from lotus tree): love; 4. Samanoo (sweet pudding): affluence; 5. Sabzeh (sprouts): rebirth; 6. Sib (apple): health/beauty; 7. Sir (garlic): medicine... Also usually has Sekkeh (coin): wealth; Mahi (fish): life; Sham (candle): enlightenment; Shirini (sweets): spreading the sweetness

Koloocheh - Iranian date & walnut filled cookies, especially prepared for Norooz celebrations in the south of Iran.

نون نخودچی - شیرینی نخودچی

قاشق و چنگال : نون نخودچی - شیرینی نخودچی

Growing Seeds (Sabzeh) For Nowruz (Persian New Year)

Eggs decorated for Norouz, the Persian New Year.

Eggs decorated with edible ink pens

Dye-Free Easter Eggs

They used Chia seeds to grow this lovely grass and I would love to try growing some grass like this with the kids.

10 Activities To Do At Home With The Kids | Planning With Kids

Haft Seen هفت سین (The Seven S's of the New Year)! (Persian New Year is Spring Equinox)

our haft-seen (traditional spread for the Persian new year)

Growing sabzeh - by Fig & Quince Growing sabzi is a tradition for Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

Illustrated Guide to HaftSeen - Norooz

HaftSeen - The Persian New Year's Beautiful Still-Life

Amazing Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. Tender leaves of cabbage stuffed and rolled with beef, garlic, onion and rice, simmered in a rich tomato sauce.

Stuffed Cabbage - Like Grandma Used To Make

آشپزخانه کوچک من: سمــــــــــنو

آشپزخانه کوچک من: سمــــــــــنو

ایده های لازیکا - کاچی بابونه شیرازی

ایده های لازیکا - کاچی بابونه شیرازی

Icli Kofte - Mince Stuffed Bulgur Meatballs #cooking #Turkey

"Melt in your Mouth" Rosewater & Cardamom Cookies Afghanistan

Shami Kabob Minced mutton - 500 gms Eggs - 2, well beaten Onion - 1 medium, chopped Green chilly - 5, chopped Bengal gram - 100 gms Garlic - 10 pods Cumin seeds - 1 tsp Cardamoms - 4 Cinnamon - 1 inch long piece Ginger - 1 inch long piece Peppercorns - 6 Red chillies - 4 Clarified butter (ghee) as required Water - 3 cups

Shami Kabob ~ Afghan Kitchen Recipes

مطبخ رویا - کوبُه

مطبخ رویا - کوبُه

مزه - کُبه حلب (کوفته برنجی عربی)

مزه - کُبه حلب (کوفته برنجی عربی)