Persian Food, Dessert and Cookies

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کشک بادمجون

کشک بادمجون | پخت و پز

گل سفره: کشک خانگی

گل سفره: کشک خانگی

آشپزخانه کوچک من: طرز تهیه کشک

آشپزخانه کوچک من: طرز تهیه کشک

A delicious, Persian style sweet and savoury salad based off almonds, raisins and fragrant basmati rice. Perfect eaten hot or cold!

Vegan Persian Rice Salad

Ghapama.. traditional Armenian dish...

Ghapama -

گل سفره: پیراشکی گوشت روسی

گل سفره: پیراشکی گوشت روسی

Restraunt Style Mexican Rice

Restaurant Style Mexican Rice


راه اندازی رستوران , قنادی ,آموزش آشپزی , سفره خونه ، شیرینی پزی ، هنر - شیرینی گردویی

کلوچه گردویی

کلوچه گردویی

آشپزخونه سپیده - شیرینی نارگیلی بازاری

لذت آشپزی با هانی شف - شیرینی نارگیلی 2

لذت آشپزی با هانی شف - شیرینی نارگیلی 2



Lebanese meat pies - check out the filling, it includes tahini and pomegranate molasses - how delish!

Meat pies, Lebanese-style (Sfeeha)

beautiful! Middle Eastern Date-Filled Cookies. I'm thinking Christmas cookies this year...

Recipe Sweet – Middle Eastern Date-Filled Cookies

Halawet el jebn! If you ever come to Lebanon, don't forget to try that dessert!

Halawet el jeben / Douceur au fromage

Baked Kebbeh | Kibeh B'sanieh, Sini Kufta, Apseyov Keufte

Baked Kebbeh Pie

Lebanese Food: Kibbeh Recipe

Lebanese Food: Kibbeh Recipe

This is one of the best (if not the best) kibbeh dishes; we grew up with it, with my grandmother patiently coring the hollow kibbeh balls and stirring the yogurt till thickened. The final kick of f...

Kibbeh in yogurt (Labniyeh)

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Menu Verde: Kibbeh de batata - Potato Kibbeh

Arabic Food Recipes: Meat Kibbeh Akras Recipe

Arabic Food Recipes: Meat Kibbeh Akras Recipe

Easy Kibbeh Recipe - How to Make Kibbeh

Basic Enough for Beginners: How to Make Kibbeh

Kibbeh bi'kizabrath (cilantro-tomato soup with Syrian meatballs) from See full recipe on:LA TimesLA Times, found @Edamam!

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MMM, what could be better than baked kibbe? This recipe is close to my mother-in-law's. She had a 1t01 ratio of meat to wheat, and she added finely chopped green pepper to the top/bottom meat mixture.


Seriously, Kibbeh. take this link:

BurCArioca: A mouthwatering taste of the Middle East

love this entire blog, Lebanese food is my absolute favorite & kibbeh nayyeh is one of my favorite foods

Lebanese Raw Kibbe Recipe – Kibbeh Nayyeh