Orange is the New Black

The "Orange Is The New Black" Cast Looks Flawless In Elle

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11 Ways "Orange Is The New Black" Is Doing It Right - BuzzFeed Mobile

11 Ways "Orange Is The New Black" Is Doing It Right---this is my absolute favorite show of all time. It saddens me that I binge-watched the whole second season in two days and now I have to wait another year for the next season :(((((

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Orange is the New Black ~ ~ Laura Prepon - a. Alex Vause & Taylor Schilling -- a. Piper Chapman ~ "I think when you have a connection with someone, it never really goes away.


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Alex & Piper OITNB

Amanda and Debbie met at a party and were immediately attracted to each other.Amanda invited Debbie back to her place. As soon as they went in they started to make out.

The hilarious thing that happened to Taylor Schilling's face while filming this sex scene with Laura Prepon

Taylor Schilling Got Her Face Gouged In An "OITNB" Sex Scene

Piper chapman and Alex Vause your drama prone but forever devoted to eacother couple:relationship status:prison wives for life(unofficially)🌹Renee lawless