You go dog!!!

Just because I can…

This is hilarious. The vet said I wouldn't live to see Today I turned so I pooped on my vet's lawn. I'm wearing an octopus on my head because I can.

Look it up, human...

Look it up, human…

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My dogs.

Can I eat it?

Dog: What is it? Me: It's a tree. Dog: Can I eat it? Me: No. Dog: *stares blankly* Me: What? Dog: I'm gonna eat it. Me: Once your ass gets a stomach ache I'm gonna let you stay there and grovel in pain because you should have listened.

me if i was a dog

Aww, what a sweet Rottie :) one of the only dogs I will ever consider owning again!


Separation anxiety from a dog's point of view. "I thought you were never ever ever ever coming home I panicked.

Just funny!

Make your dog look like Hermione with this Harry Potter DIY Halloween dog costume idea.

dogs on instagram

Becky, look at her butt...

Doglemi lovely pet Pet Dog Cat Play Squeaky Squeaker Quack Sound Chew Treat Holder Ball Toy It's like a duck quacking when the ball is in movement, very funny. Put some of your pet's favorite snack inside and the dog will be attracted.

I just met you...

Hahahaha I just met you, and this is crazy, But here's my squeak toy, Throw it maybe so kawi