One of Titanic's three enormous smokestacks.

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Titanic on the day of its first launch at Harland and Wolff.

Titanic Launch Pictures 5

Titanic Turbine Rotor

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Titanic: les machines.

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The Engines | RMS Titanic

The Engines | RMS Titanic Remembered

Launch of White Star Royal Maid Triple-Screw Steamer "Titanic" at Belfast Wednesday, 31st May 1911 at 2:15 p.m. Admit Bearer - Ticket for the Launch

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crowd awaiting Titanic survivors - 1912

Retronaut - 1912: Titanic Survivors

Rare Black and White Pictures of Titanic Survivors

Rare Black and White Pictures of Titanic Survivors

Titanic coffins

Titanic victims buried at sea shown in unique photograph

Pictures for the Real Titanic - Titanic 3D White Star Line

Titanic | @ Parkin & Co

Aboard the RMS Titanic


One of Titanic's third class cabins

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Photo from the Titanic

FOTOSPECIAL. Titanic: onzinkbaar en alle comfort op zee


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Interior decor in the Titanic. The smoking room, 1912.

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AMAZING SHOT.. The remains of the Titanic were found in 1985 by Dr. Robert Ballard, an oceanographer and marine biologist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. When he located the Titanic, he saw that, as some survivors reported, the ship had broken apart. He believed the weight of the water-filled bow raised the stern out of the water and snapped the ship in two just before it sank. Debris falling out of the ship was strewn over a 1/2 mile across the sea floor. The bow and t...

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R. Norris Williams - survived the sinking of the Titanic but was told to have his legs amputated due to severe frostbite. Refused the doctor's advise and two years later, in 1914, won the men's singles title in the U.S. Championships.

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Bow Section Titanic

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Titanic artifact

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Crowd awaiting Titanic survivors

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Body of RMS #Titanic victim being picked up at sea.

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Recovered Cherub Figure from the Titanic: This cherub was recovered from the wreckage. (Photo Credit: Todd Gipstein; RMS Titanic, Inc./CORBIS)

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Third Class passenger Rosa Abbott was the only female passenger to be rescued from the sea.

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Ironic charm necklace recovered from the Titanic wreck site. The White Star Line strongly advised passengers to keep large quantities of cash & valuables in the ship's secure safes located at the purser's office. When the ship was abandoned, the pursers probably took everything & put it inside bags to return them to owners later. The tanning process used on the bag contained a chemical that repelled microorganisms at the bottom of the ocean, protecting the jewelry.

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