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The Unsinkable

The Unsinkable

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Anxious callers outside offices of the White Star Line waiting to learn news of survivors of shipwreck of luxury liner “Titanic” which sank off Newfoundland after it struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage. New York, NY, US Now the former WSL Office is a Radio Shack.

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Titanic: Extract from Sidney's diary, 18 year old Sidney Daniels, crew

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RMS "Titanic"'s propeller shaft

All Things TITANIC - The Ship - Construction

16 Beautifully Colorized Photos Of The Titanic

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Seven-year-old Eva Hart survived Titanic along with her mother. She became one of the most recognizable figures associated with the disaster, appearing in several forms of media.

Titanic's Infamous Passengers Tell a Tale of Survival

At Fairview Cemetery 121 victims of the Titanic disaster are resting. The other 29 victims buried in Halifax can be located at Mount Olivet Cemetery and Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. All in all, 150 victims were put to rest here in what is known as the "City of Sorrow".

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17-ton section of the RMS Titanic that was recovered from the ocean floor.

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Etude & Construction du RMS Titanic

Testimony of a survivor #Titanic

Rare Titanic Letter Heads for Auction: Big Pics : DNews

Titanic bodies recovered

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Titanic's last wireless message. "We are sinking fast. Passengers being put into boats."

The last wireless message sent by Titanic’s radio... - LIFE

Claim of damages: Anna Sofia Sjoblom, Titanic survivor, vs. White Star Line

After the Titanic, the Lawsuits

Titanic's radio room

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Liability claim of Titanic survivor Albina Bassani against the White Star Line, 1913.

The last remaining White Star Line lifeboat.

For those in peril on the sea

Capt. Smith's bathtub aboard the sunken Titanic is shown. The plumbing allowed the captain a choice of salt or fresh water, hot or cold. Scientists were in court in Norfolk, Va., revealing never-before-seen images of the Titanic and the ocean bottom where the violently strewn remnants of the world's most famous shipwreck rest nearly a century after it sank on its maiden voyage. (RMS Titanic Inc./AP Photo)

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Titanic Marconist, Jack Phillips. John George "Jack" Phillips (4/11,1887 – 4/15/1912) was a British wireless telegraphist aboard the RMS Titanic. He served as senior wireless operator on the maiden voyage of the ship. As the Titanic was sinking, Phillips worked tirelessly to send wireless messages to other ships to enlist their assistance with the rescue of the Titanic‍ '​s passengers and crew. Although managing to find an overturned lifeboat to cling to, he perished in the icy Atlantic.

Online beeldbank van Archieven, Musea en Bibliotheken

One of the most famous survivors of the Titanic sinking was Mrs. Margaret T. Brown. She had boarded the Titanic in Cherbourg. During the sinking she assisted passengers in boarding lifeboats, finally being persuaded to board Lifeboat 6 herself and insisted on the boat returning to the vicinity of the sinking Titanic to try to recover more survivors. Her story was the basis of the Broadway musical "The Unsinkable Molly Brown."

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    Hmmm - strange. The link doesn't go anywhere and I can't find one picture of the famous Mrs. Margaret T. Brown (The Unsinkable Molly Brown) that looks like this one.

Rescuers from the ship Carpathia helping Titanic's radio operator Harold Bride off ship, Bride's SOS alerted public to sinking of the Titanic


43 Remarkable Photos Of Famous Things Being Built

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Recovering bodies after the Titanic disaster, April 1912

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Part of the largest-ever recovered piece of the Titanic, including a porthole from the first-class cabin, is seen while being moved into the Luxor Resort & Casino Aug. 26, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 15-ton, 15-by-30 foot portion of the ship's hull will be housed in the "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition" at the resort. (Ethan Miller, Getty Images / Premiere Exhibitions)

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One of TITANIC's whistles recovered from the debris field.

Titanic Artifact Exhibit Opens Saturday

Edith Rosenbaum (later Russell), in 1912 shortly after her rescue from the Titanic, carrying the toy pig with which she escaped the ship

Edith Rosenbaum


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