Dog shaming

"I pulled down the pumpkin pie while everyone was sleeping and took it to my bed for a midnight snack. And ate the crust edge (my Mom's favorite part! ~ Dog Shaming Theif -- His face!

Dog shaming, car wash edition

"He opened the window during the car wash." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boxer needs child lock activated. Also why weren't other people in the car with him? That could be scary to a dog, plus it's fun. I always rode through the car wash when I was little.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics

Funny pictures about Dog ate my homework. Oh, and cool pics about Dog ate my homework. Also, Dog ate my homework.

funny dog shame granny panties picture here to find out more

I'm sorry I jumped on the dinner guest. with your granny panties stuck on my head. 21 of the Greatest DogShaming Pics: HIDE YO' UNDERWEAR

dog shaming, funny dogs

Dog Shaming: I steal pacifiers from babies (i'm a baby too- so what?

Dog shame

"Today I ate 12 chocolate liquor bottles. Got so drunk I couldn't stand up, and then projectile vomited across the living room. And now I am hung over!" This is funny bc he is ok but poor baby!

The insane things we do as Mom & Dad's to the 4 legged variety...chain the fridge shut!!! Dog shaming hilarity.

My mom and dad thought they outsmarted me when they chained the refrigerator shut. but today I outsmarted them and got into the freezer and ate 45 chicken nuggets!

dog shaming christmas edition

"I ate the Elf on the Shelf" and "I helped because he is creepy." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Christmas edition - German Shepherd and Labrador

I'm amused by all the dog shaming pictures

Dog Shaming - I love chasing skunks. I've been sprayed by them 4 different times. Mom says I'm a slow learner,dad says I'm a douche bag.