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Spiral Smocking

Spiral Gathers

Gathers It'S

Naoko Shimoda

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Smocking Patterns

Smocking Idea

Smocking Technique

spiral gathers -- fixed it, link works :)

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Another Way to Make Pleated-Ribbon Trim

Ribbon Smocking

Diy Pleated

Trims Pleated Sewn

Ribbon Embroidery

How To Make A Pleated Skirt

Tutorial Pleated

Embroidery Ideas

Trim Threads

Threads Weaves

Another Way to Make Pleated-Ribbon Trim - Threads. GREAT tutorial using paper and ribbon to illustrate.

Another Way to Make Pleated-Ribbon Trim - Threads

Pleats Project

Friends Marta

Pinch Pleats

Pleat Technique

Pleated Summer

Play Sewing

Sew Play

Sewing Friends

Pleats Tutorial


Project Run and Play: Sewing Friends: Marta from Do Guincho


Re-Create Pleated Edging

Pleated Edging

Pleated Ribbon

Pleated Trim

Pleated Folded

Skirt Edging

Ribbon Pleating

Unique Pleated

Create Pleated

Edging Tutorial

Pleated & Folded Fabric Trim - sewing tutorial; fabric manipulation ideas // Threads Magazine #textiles

Re-Create Pleated Edging - Threads

Tutorial Bandy

Tutorial Pin

Sewing Ruffles Tutorial

Tutorial Perfect

Sewing Techniques Ruffles

Sewing Pleats Diy

Pleats Techniques

Tutorial Pretty

Sewing Trims

Pin-free Pleats! nice tip

Ruffle Tutorial | Bandy Canyon

Smocking Pc

Smocking Fabric Manipulation

Smocking Stuff

Smocking Ideas

Patterns Tutorials Etc

Sewing Tutorials Tips

Sewing Techniques

Sewing Ideas

101 Sewing

Mexican Pleating

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Stoffigami Tutorial

Pleating Tutorial

Photo Tutorial

Pleating Pintucks


Met Liv

Sewing Techniques

Origami Techniques

Fabric Manipulation Techniques Tutorial

Dutch tutorial on making a twisted pleat

Leven met Liv: Stoffigami: tutorial

Patterns Buggsbooks

Smocking Patterns

Smocking Plates

Rediscover Embroidery

Bordados Embroidery

Embroidery Stitches

How To Smock Fabric

English Smoking

Grace Knott

how to do english smocking, by grace knott, revised edition

Smocking Sewing Patterns

Fabric Scales

Fabric Co

Fabric Textiles

Origami Textiles

Paper Scales

Origami Experiments

Fabric Experiments

Fabric Manipulation Techniques

Fabric Folding Techniques

Origami Textiles Design using paper folding techniques to create organised 3D patterns with fabric; creative fabric manipulation techniques // Elizabeth Holt

Sew Elizabeth : More origami experiments

Crazy Origami

Origami Folded

Sewing Origami

Sleeves Tutorial

Sleeves Diy

Raglan Sleeve Tutorial

Origami Fashion Tutorial

Fabric Origami Tutorial

Origami Raglan

sewing i love sewing! creative DIY ideas origami raglan sleeve tutorial dikiş moda tasarım, dikiş aşkı,

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Shoulder Idea

Details Shoulder

Shoulder Detailing

Tucked Shoulder

Shoulder Insert

Shoulder Pleats

Shoulder Panel

Dress Shoulder

Shoulder Pads

Amazing yoke and shoulder detailing - pleats/tucks with twist

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Shoulders Shirts

Shoulders Zara

Narrow Shoulders Woman

Pleated Shoulders

Inspiration Manches

Well Sewing

Zara Blouse

Pleats Blouse

Blouse Diy

pleated shoulders

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Pürø Pillows

Cushy Cushions

Quilted Pillows

Pleated Pillows

Pillow With Ruffle

Pleated Pillow Tutorial

Room Pleated

Tutorial Skirt

Diy Pleated

Pleated pillow tutorial - looks quite simple

Sew Yummy: Pleated Bundt Pan Pillow Tutorial

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Sewing Tutorials

Sewing Tips

Smart Sewing

Sewing 21

Sewing Projects

Detail Tutorial

Pleats Tutorial

Detail Smocking

Tutorial: adding twisted pleats for shoulder detail

Project Run & Play Sew Along – Pleated Shoulder Detail

Flat Origami

Origami Fabric

With Origami

Origami Pleats

3D Fabric

Stile Origami

Origami Style

Main Parts

Sculptural Fashion

Sculptural Fashion - two tone structured dress with 3D layers and drape detail

A/I 2009-2010: gli abiti sono a pieghe stile origami


Satin Origami Pleated Skirt

Fabric Structure

Fabric Pattern Structures

Fabric Origami Fashion

Origami Fashion Design

Origami Textiles

Origami Clothing

Pleats Fashion

Folds In Fashion

Fabric Manipulation Origami

Fabric Manipulation - black pleated skirt; creative sewing; origami fashion detail // Topshop

Satin Origami Pleated Skirt - Skirts - Clothing

Crow Amazing

Artwork Amazing

Amazing Piece

Crow Sculpture

Sculpture Amazing

Fabric Sculpture

Abstract Sculpture

Piece Artwork

Fabric Artwork

a 3d tshirt fashion graduate piece artwork , looks like the sculpture of a raven or crow amazing fabric manipulation

Home | The T-Shirt-Issue

Fabrıc Origami

Origami Fabric

Folding Origami

Origami Dress

Fabric Folding

Tessellation Dress


Origami Tesselation

Origami Google

While Issey Miyake is the true master at making a career out of "fabric folding/origami" I love when people experimenting with fabrics - Origami Tessellation dress by Romina Goransky

ORIGAMI BLOG » Origami Tessellation dress by Romina Goransky

Pleating Textiles

Pleated Textiles

Textiles White

Textiles Details

Smocking Smocked

Smocked Pleated

Pleated Dresses

Smocking White

Smocked Dresses For Women

Structural Smocking - smocked & pleated dress - fabric manipulation for fashion design; white textures; 3D textiles // Azzedine Alaïa

Azzedine Alaïa Origami pleated-skirt dress for women | Aewom

Sewing Origami

Red Origami

Dress Origami

Diy Sewing

Origami Clothing

Origami Style

Sewing Stuff

Sleeves Tutorial

Sleeves Diy

Watch and Learn Grasshopper - Origami Raglan Sleeves Tutorial - sewing your style

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Acoustic Felt

Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic Design

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Ceiling

Textile Designer

Ux/Ui Designer

Kyyro Quinn

Anne Kyyro

'Scallop' decorative acoustic wall tiles by textile designer Anne Kyyrö Quinn. 100% felt. The surfaces add softness & texture to the room but also dramatically reduce noise levels. via Fast Company

Most Innovative Companies 2015

Textile Origami

Origami Pleat

Geometric Textile

Folding Textile

Geometric Fashion

Origami Artist

Paper Folding

Constucted Textiles

Tapestry Textile Yarn

Origami Textiles Design with folded 3D pleats, transfer printed & pressed; fabric manipulation techniques // Reiko Sudo

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Spiral Draping

Spiral Bodice

Draping Patterningfabrics

Moulage Draping

Spiral Pleats

Draping Fabric Fashion

Sewing Draping

Fashion Fabrics

Sewing Patternmaking

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Tutorial Photos

Tutorial Lots

Pattern Couturestuff

Sleev Pattern

Pattern Modul

Pleated Sleeves

Sew Sleeves

Origami Sewing Pattern

Fabric Origami Tutorial

French site with a tutorial (with lots of photos) for sewing this pleated sleeve

Tuto : les plis du manteau origami - Couture Stuff

Draping Fabricsmanipulation

Draping Fabric Fashion

Sleeve Draping

Moulage Draping

Draping On Stand

Draping On Mannequin

Draping On The Stand Fabric Manipulation

Fabric Manipulation Fashion Origami

Clothes Mannequin

Draping on the stand - origami sleeve detail; fashion design; patternmaking; sewing techniques; fabric manipulation

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