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Red and black breathtaking beauty



Blue butterfly on white roses by Garry Gay

European peacock butterfly

Butterfly landing. - Imgur

Puchinello Butterfly (by Muckpuk)


What's the meaning when clusters of butterflies enter your dreams? It was a beautiful sight!! Last night's dream, so vivid!!

'We must not give only what we have; we must give what we are." -Cardinal Mercia Give generously & support a dream for ONLY $1.00

Glasswinged butterflies by Stivale AA via 500px

Pinked-Tipped Satyr Cithaerias Merolina

Paris Peacock, Papilio paris, is a species of swallowtail butterfly found in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Blue butterfly on white roses by Garry Gay

Glasswings NOTE to originator of this board. Would you kindly invite me to join this board? I have 1100 followers and similar interests. • • • Thanks. Linda Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Welker

Black & Pink Butterfly & Roses.That looks very pretty. Please check out my website Thanks.

Purple spotted swallowtail, Graphium weiskei. This incredible butterfly (purple is an unusual colour in butterflies) occurs in Papua New Guinea

"Life can be a struggle but sometimes the struggle is necessary for it's beauty & purpose to be revealed. Just like the butterfly must struggle through the cocoon sometimes we must struggle before emerging into our destiny." ~Rachel Villalobos

butterflies - Google Search

Fritillary butterfly, characterized by brownish wings marked with black and silver