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They can never ever be better than Izzie Stevens, Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, Alex Karev, & George O'Malley

best moments

Alex Karev: Read the chart. Meredith Grey: D-C-P-I. Alex: You're blind! Meredith: Shut up! Alex: Can you even see me? And you look like a real moron. Grey's Anatomy quotes I love Meredith.

one of my favorite scenes

Meredith: So who's the maid of honor? Me or Cristina?he needs a best man and he wsas asking for you. Cristina: So what am I? Izzie: You tried to save my life. That makes you honorable.

Grey's Anatomy.

"Are you giving me the finger?" - Grey's Anatomy - Cristina Yang and Callie Torres - quote - screencap


"You sent her an emoticon of a bee and an ice cube?" "It means "be chill"." - Meredith and Alex, Grey's Anatomy