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I plan to upload mostly my own Wiccan altars here. I may add a few ideas on here as well I'm not sure yet.


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Harvest family altar 2013, top pic at the beginning of the season and bottom how it grew by mid November before being swapped out for Winter seasonal. The Little paper leaves contain wishes and thankful thoughts from a ritual, offerings of acorns and a dried juniper berry garland and the last gardenia of the season were given at various times. I made a drip candle and skull were added for Samhain.

Ostara 2013

Kitchen witch Bridhe, Hestia, & all mother altar. Fire hearth imbolc Bridgette spring

Mabon [Autumn Equinox] - harvest fruits and vegetables [some from garden, some purchased] wild flower bouquet, candles: orange = harvest, white & black = balance #pagan #wiccan

Outdoors in the summer :) Earth-Goddess and Horned-God statues handmade by me out of sculpey. #wiccan #pagan

Samhain - death themed altar; you can see my ancestors images there in the bottom right corner along with the Correllium to represent my tradition ancestors. Decor includes turned leaves from my yard, gourds, pumpkins, maize and Halloweeny items. That little tree to the left has hand made salt-dough ornaments too! #wiccan #pagan

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    Thank you!!!!

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    I love it! It's beautiful.

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    Thanks, everyone, for all the lovely comments :) I had no idea this picture would get so popular! Kind of makes me wish I had covered the power outlet and pushed the irish pub sign out of view LOL! You all are very sweet, I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Samhain this year!

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Talon's baby wiccaning altar. His charm gifts are in the jasper bowl and were blessed & charged by the group during ritual. #wiccan #pagan

Yule - my great grandmother actually hand made that porcelain Yule-log candle holder :) Decor includes mistletoe (shot down by my awesome father-in-law), holly leaves and berries, juniper sprigs, and anything naturally in my yard that was still vivid green mid-December. #wiccan #pagan

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    Thank you :D

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    Very Lovely!!!

Small shrine I made out of an old drawer turned on its side. The "shelf" is the drawer divider. #wiccan #pagan

Lammas/Lughnassadgh - corn dolly Goddess and bread man God made by me. QUICK LAMMAS BREAD MAN: squish together 1 can pre-made biscuits with your favorite tasty herbs. Form into man shape on cookie sheet, bake pretty much according to can instructions, just keep an eye on him, when he browns pop him out. Top with food doo-dads for face if you want (cheese hair, caper eyes, etc) #wiccan #pagan

Imbolc - Bridhe's cross made by me :) The red runner is for her fire & inspiration aspects. Lots of dairy and spring-y things. Fire crown (far far right) also handmade by me. #wiccan #pagan

Goddess Altar - this was part of my charging ritual for a bunch of moonstones that are in that glass container on the lefts side. #wiccan #pagan

Fae outdoor altar converted from an old grill. #wiccan #pagan

Burning the Yule green's at Imbolc #wiccan #pagan

Ancestor Altar - themes of time, death & mystery. The pictures here are of my tradition ancestors. #wiccan #pagan