(Open rp need the bor or the girl) I hear footsteps coming down the hall as they get closer they slow and I look up it boy about my age probly 18 I know ive seen him before but I cant remember where "hey" he says "sarah right"

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As Mark stood there in the sun, he seemed to glow to Sebastian. In that moment, Seb realized he had found the one person he could find peace in, not get tired of, spend the rest of his life with. And he was completely fine with that.


Her freedom lay beyond barb wire and cement walls. It was within her reach. She could have taken one more step and had the life she'd always longed for. But she didn't. Instead, she looked back. And it made him smile, because it was so very human.

Actually, I disagree with this. Sometimes anger is all you have left to shield yourself from the blackness and give yourself the strength you need to climb back out of the pit. But I suppose in general he was correct. My situation was a little different.

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