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Emanuele Sanchez

Emanuele Sanchez
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The Lord of the Rings - John Howe Art - Minas Tirith

Watchful Peace (via John Howe :: Illustrator John Howe :: Illustrator [ Portfolio ] :: Home / From Hobbiton to Mordor / Watchful Peace)

The Throne Of Morgoth

Beren and Luthien arrive at the throne of Morgoth - The Silmarillion - J. (Beren e Luthien chegam ao trono de Morgoth - O Silma. The Throne Of Morgoth

madcat-world: Osgiliath - Volkan Baga

madcat-world: Osgiliath - Volkan Baga.Osgiliath TAKEN!

“Many are the songs that have been sung of the duel of Glorfindel with the Balrog upon a pinnacle of rock in that high place; and both fell to ruin in the abyss.” “Then Thorondor bore up Glorfindel’s body out of the abyss, and they buried him in a mound of stones beside the pass; and a green turf came there, and yellow flowers bloomed upon it amid the barrenness of stone, until the world was changed.” - Silmarillion

Glorfindel and the Balrog, by Justin Gerard ~ Glorfindel killed the Balrog, by himself, and survived. First age elves were so much cooler than third age.