How to Grow Garlic ~ Cultivar ajos en casa.

How to Grow Garlic

Soap Deli News: How to Grow Garlic Did you know that one clove or bulb of garlic, when planted, can produce up to an additional twenty cloves? So instead of tossing out your garlic that's started to sprout, plant it instead!

how to grow your own garlic sprouts ~ Brotes de ajo.

You can regrow garlic sprouts from a single garlic clove. Just place the garlic cloves in a small cup with a little water and let it grow. The garlic sprouts have gentle flavor than garlic and can be added to pasta, salads and other dishes.

Glue Snowflakes. Lay wax paper over snowflake template. Draw lines with glue. Sprinkle w/glitter. Dry overnight. Add string to hang.

glue snowflakes - lay wax paper over snowflake template, draw lines with glue, sprinkle with glitter, dry overnight and add string

DIY Chocolate Chip Flowers - how cool is that!

Chocolate Chip Flowers

growing potatoes... I am never successful with potatoes, except when I chuck them in a hole and forget about them!

Excellent return on investment - turn 3 seed potatoes to of potatoes in 100 days. - Raised Urban Gardens www. - My Gardening Today

Guide to growing gorgeous garlic ~ Plantar ajos.

5 Step Guide to Growing Gorgeous Garlic: Easy illustrated tutorial on growing garlic

DIY Honey Shampoo for silky smooth hair!

DIY Honey Shampoo Method

DIY Honey Shampoo for silky smooth hair! Probably better for hair and environment than baking soda shampoo. T raw honey + 3 T filtered water + essential oils)

TWIG Garden Markers  would be so easy to make using stamps or permanent markers

Garden Markers - Vegetables - Rustic Twigs - set of 5 5 gorgeously rustic vegetable plant markers made from twigs from my yard.

DIY gift bags

Items similar to Gift Bag - Natural Jute Drawstring Bags with Bow and Card - DIY at home or assembled and mailed to you or the recipient on Etsy

15 Foods That Can Be Regrown From Scraps

I love this kitchen with the deep farm sink and a corner window. The galvanized shelves are perfect for a window herb garden.

lets grow sweet potatoes! ~ Boniatos

Oh, I love yam vines! Heart-shaped leaves and they are a lovely yellow-green. Other pinner said: My grandmother, Lala, used to do this. The vines were lovely and used to run up and around the windowsills.

Love!! Transform an old crib into a loft toddler bed! Simple, cheap, practical, fun for the kiddos, and super cute. #diy

Audrey to "loft" when the kids go to low to ground toddler bed. Thus I delay the twin bed purchase! Transform an old crib into a loft toddler bed! Simple, cheap, practical, fun for the kiddos, and super cute.