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Half-Life 2 Crowbar and Lambda by SgtHK on DeviantArt The crowbar that saved the world!  #halflife #gaming

I've been a fan of Half-Life ever since it was released back in I just made a simple composition to signify my love for the entire Half-Life . Half-Life 2 Crowbar and Lambda

I hate those barnacle things, they always get me and then I flip out and start shooting in all directions

Barnacle: can do vfx/sfx combo. Can create partially digested limbs and fluid for release upon death. Suggest vfx tentacle and body to save money.but a tentacle can be cable controlled, but that cost alone means we should push it to a future ep.

Half-Life 2 - Gordon freeman -gos he looks so handsome in this

Gordan Freeman also from the Half-life series was a scientist who essentially turned a world into chaos, and I chose this because it shows a war that still hasn't been won but Gordon Freeman is always there to save the day.

Half Life 2

In Valve released the sequel to their revolutionary and critically acclaimed first game Half-Life, Half-Life which itself broke new ground on many …