Nudity suits her disposition. She wears it well.

weirdvintage: “Grandma mermaid, c. (via) ” Edit: user kissmecriss said: Pretty sure the photograph mermaid lady is from Denmark. Probably from a booth in the famous and historic amusement park.

A giant, snowman measuring 17 ft., made by two girls in Aberdeen, Scotland, Jan.

Cocktail hour

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Friday 13th, 1973: the time Magda saved on gardening was spent on hairdo maintenance.

Betty Lou had ordered orange flamingos to coordinate with her hair but alas they only come in pink.

Ruby never said "no" to a Schlitz.

This cracks me up. I associate this with frat pranks, not the middle-aged.

While Betty and Sadie had to use balloons to attract the guys.Bertha was quite proud of her natural busty look.