Another way to tell: A Raven abandons their kids, while a Crow is a good uncle who helps raise them.

CAN YOU NOT!!!!!!!!

I was reading this Iike "heh, oh that's funny, haha what's the next gonna-, no nO NO that's not okay!


Basically everything in RWBY is a gun, there is a giant scythe/ gun, someone had a sword and its sheath was a gun, there was a staff that turned to nunchucks which were also shotguns, and one guy had a thermos that turned into a flamethrower.

its both! XD

I would love to have a weapon as a RWBY person that looked like a giant key, or even like, a belt of keys. Yes. I shall have a belt of key guns. And I will be a member of a team that ends up blowing things up.>>>> YES YES, MAIN FANDOMS TOGETHER, I LIKE IT

These feels, these feely feels.. RWBY

These feels, these feely feels..

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You must watch RWBY to understand just how perfect this is XD<< sun has to get Neptune over his fear somehow

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