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Life With 4 Boys: 10 Camping Games for Outdoor Fun!

240+ summer fun ideas for kids

Land art self portraits

OH MY GOSH!My blanket forts will never be the same after this...

How to make glow in the dark NEON rice for play & learning activities- SO FUN!

put legos in liquid soap for boys... for girls, use barbie shoes!! So cute.

Place a plastic kiddie pool in the ground. It'd be easy to clean and looks nicer than having it above ground. Then take it out in colder months and have a fire pit!!!

Water Pinatas for messy game night.

Dr. Seuss Acrylic Art Tutorials "Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." ~ Dr. Seuss

love the release of lanterns for the end of the wedding/start of a new beginning cheap too, 10 for $12 on amazon

masking tape and hotwheels can keep boys happy for hours

Play dough!

Washable markers and glass cleaning wipes are great for kids in cars.

Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set in Altoids for dinners out or church!

{we’re going on a leaf hunt} an autumn adventure in detective work for kids *Too cute