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Funny Bone

For Kicks and Giggles. Laughter is the Best Medicine


Holmes vs. McMurdo, "Sherlock Holmes"


The boys have a fundamental philosophical disagreement.

Sherlock Holmes.... Robert Downey Jr ♥

I Can Walk Myself, Thank You @Danielle .

I probably laughed way to hard but it is just so funny and true!

MONDAY..yup, and Tuesday and Wednesday and... Every day feels like that when you have Epstein Bar Syndrome.

I’d Faint More Often If I Were Her…

Curly hair pros and cons hilarious!

What am I? A farmer?

"Sarcasm does not become you." Rory Gilmore. "Maybe not, but it does sustain me." Lane Kim. Gilmore Girls.

My relationship with Barnes & Nobel

Before we commit to being friends, I'd like to take a quick look at your bookshelf.

Friends - If Joey had Instagram…

Brooklyn Nine Nine

brooklyn nine nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine. Such a great scene!