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"Summer Tones"

thistled blues

Petalled Tints ~ soft & shabby colors

This palette would create such a calming vibe in a bedroom....I would paint most of the walls the cream color at the end and paint an accent wall with the smoky purple color. Bed covering in the very soft, pale purple-gray and use the muted grey toned green for accent colors like throw pillows, vases, etc. Just looking @ these colors gives me a sense of serenity.

colour palette ideas via

Color Palettes!

Bathroom color ideas

Great palette for a little girls room I think it would be cool to do a wall of giant flowers like this

Elderberry tones - My slate blue first base combined with an indigo and some lilac and orchid tones is heavenly. Any of the other tones could be used as accent.

petaled tints - Our color scheme for the new apartment! Green - living room. Dk Blue - entry hallway, bathroom. Lt blue - bedroom, kitchen. Purple - Audrey's room.

Caitlin Wilson Textiles: Paint Tips

Absolutely beautiful! Can't tell if it's from design-seeds or not... Either way, GORGEOUS! I'd want this in my room, or my girl's room.

Color choices for Project Ugly House. Walls: Revere Pewter and Sea Salt, Ceilings and Trim: White Dove