You Made My Heart A Hunter

A collection of images inspired by my fantasy ebook novella, "You Made My Heart a Hunter". What does a sorceress do when she has more power than she knows what to do with...but she still can't fix her own life? Download for Kindle at
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home in the forest

Now this is beautiful. Kitchen Witches have the most neatest and gorgeous kitchens, especially the pantries. I’m getting an idea to fix up my kitchen next year Plz don& remove caption, thank you.


Nothing quite as serene as seeing the countryside covered in a fresh sheet of snow.

Looks inviting.

Little cabin in the forest. Looks like a Canadian sugar shack with the smoke cupola on top.

Barley bread  [Cooking Finland: The easiest bread ever! Unleavened Barley bread--Ohrarieska]

I tried a new recipe for bread to go with dinner tonight, and it was fabulous! My husband loves rieska, the unleavened flat bread popular .

Pottery oil lamp similar to those that Lhennuen and Yugho would have used in "You Made My Heart a Hunter" (

Century North African reproduction oil lamp from Egan Bronze classical oil lamps cast in bronze with patina