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A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Italy, leaving entire towns devastated. The Italy earthquake reminds us to work on our own emergency preparedness.

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Germany has seen a lot of catastrophe, and now the people are being asked to stockpile food and water in case of future troubles and unrest.

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Third party food review for our Sweet Corn and Peach Slices includes honest opinions & recipes for each, letting you know what they are like before buying!

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It looks as if the drought in California is slowly dwindling, but it is also a slow process, so it could still be too early to tell. This is what we know.

Is the California Drought Really Making Headway?

The heat bubble has left, but that hot weather is still beating down on us. Seniors, children, and athletes are super-susceptible to heat-related illnesses.

How to Protect Children, Seniors, and Athletes During Hot Weather

There has not been a major hurricane on the U.S. East or Gulf coasts in over 10 years. While that is good for the time being, it is also terrifying.

This Major Hurricane Drought Could be a Very Bad Thing

Drought can come to any state, so learning to conserve water will help you prepare. Once drought becomes an issue, these habits will help see you through.


Learning to Conserve Water Now Helps Prepare You For Drought

China knows all too well about severe flooding, but lack of warnings made these most recent China floods even more devastating.


China Floods Displace Millions

The U.S. is in a major hurricane drought (for hurricane ranked 3-5), but for how long? Hurricane Katrina was the costliest hurricane at just a category 3.

Hurricane Katrina: The Costliest Hurricane in United States History

With temperatures surpassing 100 degrees this weekend, take extra precautions to be safe and healthy during this heat wave.

The Latest Heat Wave is Now

There have been some absolute monsters of hurricanes reach our shores, but these top 5 hurricanes are the worst to date.


Top 5 Hurricanes to Make U.S. Landfall

Learn all about what a hurricane is, how to prepare for one, what to do after a hurricane, and more! This in-depth article has everything you need to know.

Everything You Need to Know About Hurricanes

With extreme heat threatening many parts of the country this summer, learn how to be safe - before you start noticing heat-related symptoms.

Countering Extreme Heat Before Symptoms Arise

The best time to get your hurricane preparations together is before the first alert even comes. Find out how to get started with your prep right here!

Where to Begin with Your Hurricane Preparations

If you are feeling the heat, you can bet your pets are, too. Now that we are in the dog days of summer (i.e. the really hot part), keep your pets cool.

Keeping Pets Safe During the Dog Days of Summer

Severe thunderstorms can pack quite a punch, but all too often the warnings of their approach are ignored. It is time to take these warnings seriously.

Take Severe Thunderstorm Warnings Seriously

There are 27 large fires burning in the United States, and the excessive heat is not doing much to help control it.

Hot Heat Fuels Dozens of Fires

Hurricanes are more than just a threat to those on the coast. Hurricanes can have far reaching effects inland as well.

When Hurricanes Go Inland

El Niño is gone, but La Niña is hot on its heals. El Niña will bring some relief to parts of the world, but could also bring more problems closer to home.

La Niña Could Brew Up a Very Active Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season officially began June 1, and so far it has been fairly active. What are you doing to get prepared for the next hurricane?

An Active Atlantic Hurricane Season (So Far)